Oakwood Property Owners Approve Covenants

Oakwood Property Owners Association held a special meeting this morning to vote on adopting new covenants to assist in the sale of the Oakwood Inn property to the Dr. Rex Parent family. Prior to the start of the meeting, 94 percent of the property owners voted by proxy … Read More

Oakwood Vote Will Happen Saturday

Members of the Oakwood Property Owners Association will meet at 10 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 6, at Calvary United Methodist Church to vote on adopting a new covenant. Ian Rolland, receiver for Oakwood, reported the Oakwood Property Owners Association Board was doing a terrific job in getting members to … Read More

Oakwood Property Owners Have Options

Members of the Oakwood Property Owners Association spent a good part of the Labor Day weekend in meetings. Saturday the OPOA met to elect a new board and look over a proposal submitted by Ian Rolland, receiver of the Oakwood Inn. A second proposal was drafted after Rolland … Read More

Oakwood Receiver, Property Owners At Impasse

According to Ian Rolland, receiver for the Oakwood Foundation, discussions are still at an impasse with the Oakwood Property Owners Association regarding Oakwood Park’s 2004 covenants. The property owners want Rolland and prospective buyer Dr. Rex Parent, to provide them access to the beach and waterfront in front … Read More

Oakwood Receiver Disputes OPOA Charges

“That’s a bunch of baloney. Totally preposterous!” said Ian Rolland, receiver for Oakwood when asked to comment on the Oakwood Property Owners Association’s assertions that he and Dr. Rex Parent wanted to restrict Oakwood property owners access to the Oakwood beach to a 30-foot space. Rolland explains one … Read More

OPOA Explains Position on Covenants

By RICK WILLIAMS OPOA President Since December 2011, the private owners in Oakwood Park, through the Oakwood Property Owners Association, have been working in earnest with the Oakwood Foundation’s court appointed receiver, Mr. Ian Rolland, to attempt to work out a compromise regarding the private owners’ lake access … Read More

Judge Approves Option Agreement for Oakwood

Kosciusko County Superior Court I Judge Duane Huffer today approved a purchase agreement between Oakwood Receiver Ian Rolland and Oakwood purchasers during a status hearing. The purchase agreement allows Dr. J. R. Parent and his sons two months to decide whether they want to proceed with the purchase … Read More