History, Water Clarity Noted At Syracuse Lake Association Meeting

SYRACUSE — A personal perspective of Syracuse Lake and its history was given by Dr. Larry Allen during the annual Syracuse Lake Association meeting Saturday morning, Aug. 5. This is the 60th year Allen has resided at the lake. Prior to Allen’s presentation several matters of concern were … Read More

Center for Lakes and Streams Working to Protect County Lakes

WINONA LAKE — This year marks the 10th anniversary of the founding of Grace College’s Center for Lakes and Streams. In that time, the center has played an increasingly important role in protecting one of Kosciusko County’s most vital resources. “Our economy is dependent on our lakes being … Read More

Center For Lakes & Streams Analyzes Samples Of Center Lake Following Reports Of Public Concern

WARSAW —  On Dec. 28, the Center for Lakes & Streams at Grace College was contacted with a concern that Center Lake was exhibiting a reddish tint. Following this, on Jan. 3, Kosciusko County Emergency Management Director Ed Rock, contacted the Center for Lakes & Streams with reports … Read More

WACF Receives WPOA’s Annual Chief Award

SYRACUSE — The rain moved on and the sun came out just in time for the Wawasee Property Owners annual dinner meeting on the SS Lilly Pad Saturday evening, Aug. 20.

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Algae Study Results On Lake Wawasee Could Be Revolutionary

(Video from WSBT) SYRACUSE — Research on Lake Wawasee, by students and Dr. Nate Bosch, director, at the Center of Lake & Streams at Grace College, could make history and their findings revolutionary. On July 14, WSBT reporter Suzanne Spencer spoke with students and Bosch regarding the research … Read More

KLA Learns About Aquatic Ecology

SYRACUSE — Kosciusko Leadership Academy met at the Wawasee Area Conservancy Foundation to learn about Aquatic Ecology in Kosciusko County. Nathan Bosch, Ph.D., director of Center for Lakes and Streams, explained the far reaching effect of the lakes.

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Hardie, Levinson-LaBrosse Honored With Cattail Awards

  SYRACUSE — Laurie Hardie and the Levinson-LaBrosse Family were honored for their dedication to Wawasee Area Conservancy Foundation. Both were presented with the annual Cattail Awards. The awards were presented Saturday morning during the annual WACF Breakfast meeting. The Cattail Award honors those who are dedicated in … Read More

Tom Farms Appreciation Dinner Takes A Look At Challenges

LEES BURG — The seventh annual Tom Farms Appreciation event was held Thursday at the family operation facility on Harper Road, Leesburg. Approximately 440 family, friends, neighbors, those from the industry, suppliers to the farm, landlords and any one in a relation with Tom Farms, gathered in a large pole barn decorated for the evening.

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WACF Annual Breakfast Meeting Saturday

SYRACUSE — Join the Wawasee Area Conservancy Foundation at 9 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 22, for the annual WACF public meeting, at the Levinson-LaBrosse Lakes ad Wetlands Education Center. The breakfast meeting will be held at the Ruddell Pavilion.

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Local Experts Weigh In On Potential Of Lake Level Decreases

WINONA LAKE — An emergency order to restrict watercraft operations on specified lakes in Kosciusko County was filed Friday, July 17. This ordinance went into effect on Lake Wawasee, Lake Tippecanoe and the Barbee lakes chain and is in effect until further notice from the Indiana DNR. Flooding … Read More

Center For Lakes & Streams Discuses Future Projects, Goals

During a social event hosted by Al Campbell, Vawter Park, Syracuse, on Saturday evening, Dr. Nate Bosch with the Center for Lakes & Streams, talked about the future of the center. Looking forward, Bosch noted an endowment project to ensure the center is always there, looking out after … Read More

Update Of Lake & Streams Activities

  Updates of the three-fold approach by the Center for Lakes & Streams was given by Dr. Nate Bosch, director, during a social event Saturday evening at Lake Wawasee. Approximately 80 individuals learned about activities of the center in the past year. Bosch recapped education activities, changing behaviors … Read More

Results On Water Level Research Of Wawasee And Syracuse Lakes

Questions about Lake Wawasee and Syracuse Lake water levels have been among the most common research-related questions received by the Center for Lakes & Streams over the past few years. In 2012 the lake levels in Wawasee and Syracuse dropped about 18 inches below normal. The expanded study … Read More

No Health Concerns From Chemical Spill, Wildlife Impact Still Unknown

By MADISSON HEINL Center For Lakes & Streams, Grace College Approximately 325,000 gallons of water used to contain the Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc. fire carried chemicals downhill into Winona Lake on Feb. 6. The Center for Lakes & Streams responded to the spill immediately and collected several samples from … Read More

Center For Lakes Receives Donation

The Center for Lakes and Streams, Grace College, has received a $6,000 donation from the Wawasee Property Owners Association. Funds will go towards further research and implementing of testing relating to blue-green algae toxins. Included in the research is a screening method to provide rapid results. Currently there … Read More