Da-Lite Employees Continue Support Of Fellowship Missions

WARSAW — Da-Lite continues its support of Fellowship Missions with a flag raffle that involved raffling off the American Flags that were formerly hanging in the Warsaw-based manufacturing facility. The flags are replaced yearly, and raffled off for charity. The employee raffle raised $513. This total is in … Read More

Da-Lite Shoots Down Firearms Rumors

A recent rumor circulating that a Warsaw business has banned all personal firearms on company premises is not entirely accurate. Following the posting of a new sign regulating the presence of firearms outside of Da-Lite’s facility, rumors began circulating that the business had banned firearms both inside and … Read More

City Partners For New Traffic Light

The city of Warsaw is partnering with Da-Lite Screen and Thompson Thrift Developers to install a traffic control signal on SR 15. Warsaw Redevelopment Commission on Monday signed an amendment to an existing agreement calling for the installation of a traffic signal at SR 15 and CR 300 … Read More