In The Garden

In The Garden — Sensible Deadheading Hydrangeas

By Joyce Arleen Corson Master Gardener Recently a friend asked me why her hydrangea didn’t bloom this year. Many situations may affect why a plant will not bloom. The name hydrangea comes from the Greek “hydra” meaning water, and “angeion” meaning vessel, in reference to the plants affinity … Read More

In The Garden — Annuals, Perennials, Biennial, “Unusual”

  By JOYCE ARLEEN CORSON Master Gardener The lifespan of flowers are different according to the species they represent. Annuals grow from seed, to fruition, and if pollinated takes place, produce seed and die. These plants in our zone 5b may be petunias or marigolds. All leaves, stems … Read More

In The Garden — Flavoring With Herbs

By JOYCE ARLEEN CORSON Master Gardener SYRACUSE — The lone scent of one herb, such as sage, can immediately bring occasions to mind such as family gatherings at Thanksgiving or Christmas. Blending two herbs or more together, such as basil and oregano, is a familiar aroma of pizza … Read More