Long Legacy Of Lakeland Learning Center Coming To An End

SYRACUSE — Under unfortunate circumstances the Lakeland Learning Center will be closing its doors for good Friday, Sept. 29. Since the Aug. 31 fire burned the original location of the center they moved into the old Syracuse Elementary School to continue, only missing a day and a half … Read More

Town Council Takes The Untraveled Road

SYRACUSE — Syracuse Town Council listened to public concerns and approved of taking a new route to complete the project at the wastewater plant during its monthly meeting Tuesday night, Sept. 19. Jim Cripe, who owns property bordering the new technology park, expressed concerns regarding noise pollution, security, … Read More

Dead Trees Prompt Action At The Syracuse Boy Scout Cabin

SYRACUSE — The forestry surrounding the Syracuse Boy Scout Cabin, located along CR 500E, faced some logging and clearing. Around 70 dead and damaged trees were removed within a week despite rain delays. The logging makes the wooded area much safer for Scouts to camp out and walk the … Read More

Syracuse Parks Department

Public Responses Take Park Board To Next Step In Master Plan

SYRACUSE — Syracuse Park Board met at its normal time at 7 p.m. Monday. The board spent the time discussing ongoing projects, observing public survey results and approving of the new Lakeside Park restroom design. Parks Superintendent Chad Jonsson reported for tree board eight selected locations for fall tree … Read More

Family And Food, A Hearty Meal For The Soul

WARSAW — Service is fulfilling work for those who have chosen a culinary career path. Chef Instructor Mark Bragg, 56, Warsaw, loves teaching high schoolers different aspects of not only cooking, but of running a restaurant and working together. He enjoys being able to provide kids hands-on learning … Read More

Unseen History Just Below The Ground

WARSAW — Through summer and winter, they’re patiently scanning in search for lost parts of history. The Northern Indiana Research and Recovery Society is Kosciusko County’s resident metal detectorists and history buffs. Celebrating their 20th year, the society has over 40 members who often team up with each … Read More

The Whole World Is A Comedy

WINONA LAKE — Having grown up performing in community theater, Cody Streasick has always felt comfortable standing in the spotlight. Through the creation of his best man speech, the 28-year-old Winona Lake resident discovered how much he enjoyed performing stand-up comedy. “I’ve been doing this for about a year,” … Read More

Syracuse Parks Department

Park Board Preps Questions For Public Survey

SYRACUSE — The Syracuse-Wawasee Park Board met at its regular time in the community center at 7 p.m. Monday. The night was primarily spent discussing the draft of the public survey questions regarding park changes. The board also received an update about the Lakeside Park concession stand. Jerry … Read More