Incoming Kindergartners Kick-Off The Countdown

SYRACUSE — The Kindergarten Countdown began June 5, and is a free program at the Syracuse Elementary school for incoming kindergartners who haven’t attended preschool. The program’s special function is to introduce kids to the school structure and atmosphere, acting as a few weeks-long orientation to the academic environment. … Read More

2017 Mentone Egg Festival: Cowboy Boots and Midwest Roots

MENTONE — The 2017 Mentone Egg Festival will be celebrated June 1-3, with the Cowboy Boots and Midwest Roots theme. The egg festival is a great way to build community relationships and connections. Many nonprofit organizations are able to earn enough money at the festival to fund their … Read More

2017 SES Maker Faire At The Syracuse Elementary School

SYRACUSE — Syracuse Elementary School held their second annual SES Maker Faire. Children from kindergarten to fifth grade participated and created their own inventions which made the school a fun environment for project-based learning opportunities. This gave kids the chance to stretch their brains and explore their imaginations. … Read More

Kimberly And Stephen Conrad II Scholarship Fund

SYRACUSE — Wawasee Community School Corporation participated in a two-week jean-wearing activity that raised $3,191 for a new scholarship. The event also had many sponsors involved. The scholarship was created in memory of Kim Conrad and her son, Stephen Conrad II, two prominent community involved residents who died in … Read More

Syracuse Elementary SES Maker Faire

SYRACUSE — The second annual Maker Faire will be celebrating inventions, creativity and resourcefulness that will be viewable in SES Makers and their projects. Interesting projects include Caines Cardboard Arcade, Breakout EDU, SeeMeCNC 3D Printing, 3D printed Prosthetics, Lego Education, Sphero Robotics, Marble Mania, Squishy Circuits, Little Bits … Read More

A Stressful Moment Doesn’t Mean It Has To Be A Stressful Day

  WARSAW — Stress is like a barrage of overbearing clouds that’s seemingly inescapable. Bills, work, responsibilities and worries in general saturate life in dismal hues of gray which can be overwhelming in life every day. This happens when stress management and self-care have been lacking in daily life. … Read More

Park Board Gets Pumped For Summer Projects And Programs

SYRACUSE — Syracuse Park Board met for its regularly monthly meeting Monday evening, May 8. The board discussed upcoming events and reported on the success of past events that will be considered being implemented next year. The meeting began with the Tour des Lakes presentation by Program Coordinator … Read More

North Webster Author Publishes Another Book

NORTH WEBSTER — North Webster’s 80-year-old resident, Thomas M. Kruger published his book “White Eagle” in 2016. “White Eagle” is a 62-page paperback book that observes a family, parents and a son, who went into the beautifully dangerous wilderness mountains in the West. The 10-year-old boy ventures through … Read More

Syracuse-Wawasee Park Foundation Builds Up Projects

SYRACUSE — The Syracuse-Wawasee Park Foundation meeting was held Tuesday evening, March 28, in the Syracuse Community Center. The foundation reviewed updates of ongoing projects and looked forward to future projects for the parks department. The foundation reviewed the finances, looking at the budget accounts and donations. Tax … Read More