Mentone Fire Preps Students On Fire Safety

Jim Eads of the Mentone Fire Department answers questions from students at Mentone Elementary on Oct. 11.

MENTONE — Thirty seconds, that’s how long it takes a small flame to grow into an uncontrolled, major fire, according to Life Safety Services. That’s why this year safety prevention week was themed, “Every Second Counts: Plan 2 Ways Out.”  Firefighters visited Mentone’s first and second grade class for its annual fire prevention week on Wednesday, Oct. 11.

Mentone Fire Department sent four firefighters to Mentone Elementary to teach the students about fire safety. The students got a special treat as they were able to explore the fire truck. Students saw what was behind the mysterious compartments on the truck’s side and learned how the truck operates.

Along with the truck, the firefighters demonstrated the gear they wear on calls. Students learned how the gear protects the firemen against the heat and smoke in a fire. The first and second graders were taught how to call 911 for help and how to create an escape plan as well as the way to properly and safely escape a burning building.

After the demonstrations, the firemen joined the students for lunch. Students wrapped up the day’s events with a fire drill following lunch.

Fire prevention week focuses on teaching children what to do when a fire starts. The goal is to open the door for parents and children to talk about fire safety and sent up escape plans in case a fire does occur. This year’s emphasize is on creating two escape routes at home in case the fire blocks one of the escape routes.

Mentone students gather outside of the school during a fire drill, waiting for the building to be cleared.



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