Huffer Announces Run For Plain Township Trustee

KOSCIUSKO — Tyler Huffer, a resident of Plain Township and lifetime resident of Kosciusko County, has formally announced his candidacy and will be running in May’s Republican primary to secure the position of Plain Township Trustee.

Tyler Huffer

“The position of Plain Township Trustee has been unopposed for the past several years. It is time for a change,” said Huffer. “The office of Plain Township Trustee should be held by an individual who can bring solutions that will change the township for the better. Our township needs a new approach. It is time for someone who is proactive, who listens to the needs of the people and someone who can be empathetic and kind while serving. I believe that I give the voters the best option when they go to vote in the May primary. I plan on putting the trust back in trustee.”

Tyler Huffer is currently an elected member of the Plain Township Board and works locally as a paramedic. He is the first in Plain Township to be certified by the Indiana Township Association in Township Assistance. He currently serves as a republican precinct vice-committeemen, having served as a committeeman and vice-committeeman for the past six years and has previously served as a member of the Republican 3rd District Finance Committee. Additionally, he serves on the board of Chapman Lakes Conservation Association where he has been very active for the past several years.

According to Huffer’s campaign website,, his priorities as township trustee include streamlining and making the trustee’s office more efficient. As well as keeping the tax rate down while bringing a higher level of service to the township. Huffer plans to focus on workforce development, impacting the local drug epidemic and creating an impact plan with local nonprofits and community agencies.

Huffer said, “I want to engage our community to help fix the poverty stricken and educate the next generation to end problems that lead to poverty.”



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