Kosciusko Commissioner Ron Truex To Announce Resignation

Ron Truex

KOSCIUSKO — Ron Truex, 67, Warsaw, will formally announce his resignation as a Kosciusko County commissioner on Thursday, Oct. 12, at the Kosciusko County Council meeting.

Due to a recent move, Truex is no longer a resident of the district he represents.

Truex’s current home is west of the line separating the middle and southern districts, meaning that Truex is no longer eligible to represent the middle district.

Truex serves as the president and general manager of Creighton Brothers LLC, Warsaw. He joined Creighton Brothers in 1970 in the sales department.

Truex states he first became aware of the situation Saturday morning, Oct. 7, when a friend advised he heard a rumor that Truex may be in violation. According to Truex, he then spoke with Kosciusko County Republican Chairman Mike Ragan, who confirmed that Truex would need to resign.

“It’s not what I would have asked for,” said Truex, “But sometimes you have to play the hand you’re dealt.”

Truex stated that the end of this year would have been his 17th year as a commissioner, as he started serving in 2000.

“I’ve never worried about re-election,” Truex said, “I’ve always done what I thought was best for the county.”

Truex said even if he had been aware that the move would put him outside the middle district and require him to resign as a commissioner, he would still have made the move.

“I just would have done it better,” he said, advising that he would have resigned prior to the move.

“In a twist of fate, my east property line is the line dividing the middle and southern districts. I live west of my east property line,” Truex stated, adding, “I missed it by an inch.”



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