Schlemmer Arrested On Three Warrants, Facing More Charges

Jerrad Michael Schlemmer

KOSCIUSKO COUNTY — Jerrad Michael Schlemmer, 31, 21 EMS R4B Lane, Pierceton, was arrested by Warsaw police Monday afternoon. He was initially arrested on three warrants, but now is facing additional charges of resisting law enforcement – fleeing and possession of paraphernalia.

Currently Schlemmer is being held in the county jail on two warrants for theft, each carrying a $5,250 surety and cash bond and a failure to appear warrant. This warrant also carries a $5,250 surety and cash bond. The charges of resisting law enforcement – fleeing and possession of paraphernalia carry a $750 cash bond.

Schlemmer was charged July 24 with theft after stealing a purse from a vehicle. He was then charged with theft Aug. 14 from taking items from Walmart. Both charges were class A misdemeanors. However, because Schlemmer had been convicted of conversion in December 2010, both charges were enhanced to level 6 felonies.

The failure to appear warrant has been added to charges filed July 19 for possession of a narcotic drug and possession of a syringe, level 6 felonies. After his arrest, he was released on his own recognizance but failed to appear for his initial hearing July 27. The failure to appear charge is also a level 6 felony.

No court documents have been filed with the courts on the new charges.

Purse Theft

Court documents show April 20, Kosciusko County sheriff’s deputies responded to the theft from a vehicle. The victim stated she had parked her vehicle at an intersection to go mushroom hunting. While in the woods, she saw Scott Farmer’s truck pull up by her vehicle and then heard the alarm go off. She ran to her vehicle and discovered her purse was missing.

When police spoke with Farmer he said another individual, along with Schlemmer had borrowed his truck to move some items. Farmer contacted the individual he loaned the truck to about the theft and later came to his home with $140 to give back to the victim. Farmer was told Schlemmer had stolen the purse from the vehicle.

Police spoke to Schlemmer and the other party involved. Schlemmer admitted to taking the purse, removing the money and then throwing out the remaining contents along the road.

Theft From Walmart

Warsaw police were called to Walmart July 24 after an employee found an empty package for a Stanley Fatmax spotlight. The store’s loss prevention official reviewed the surveillance video for July 24, and observed a male, later identified as Schlemmer, and a female enter the store. Schlemmer is observed going into sporting goods, selecting a Coleman headlamp and removing it from the package. The item is then concealed in the front pocket of his hoodie.

The video also shows Schlemmer selecting another headlamp, walking to the automotive area and places an item in the front pocket of his hoodie. It’s also observed he no longer has the Stanley Fatmax spotlight. That empty box was found.

Police are also told the video shows the female conceal two items in her hoodie before they walk out the store without paying for the items. The items stolen are valued at $80.13.

It is noted in the court document that Schlemmer was convicted of conversion Dec. 8, 2010, and had active criminal cases of theft and possession of a narcotic drug.



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