Don’t Forget, Husky Trail Detour Changes Today

WARSAW — Phase II of the Husky Trail Project begins today, Friday, July 28. With the new phase of construction comes a new set of detours.

A hard barrier will be placed at North Pointe. This will allow absolutely no traffic through that area. Glad Street will also be closed to through traffic.

The new roundabout will be used to access Harrison School and businesses on Mariners Drive. Residents who are affected by Phase II will continue to use the current detour.

Warsaw Traffic Safety Commissioner Kip Shuter reminds residents about construction site safety and the proper use of roundabouts. “Please, please, please make sure you abide by the detour signs,” urges Shuter. He also advises cars to travel at a slow speed in the construction areas for the safety of everyone involved.

While this will be the area’s third roundabout, Mayor Joseph Thallemer thought it would be beneficial for residents to be reminded about roundabout safety.

  • Drivers are urged to yield as they enter the roundabout. Only come to a stop if a pedestrian is using the crosswalk or another vehicle is approaching inside the roundabout.
  • Don’t merge next to large vehicles, such as semis, inside the roundabout. As of July 1, this is the law.
  • Use the vehicle’s turn signal when exiting roundabout
  • Watch for pedestrians. There are crosswalks at all exits in the roundabout. Pedestrians always have the right of way.

The whole project is expected to be completed late October. When finished, the project will include sidewalks on both sides of the street, street lights and a dedicated turning lane.



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