Winners Relish Top Dog Honors In Hot Dog Eating Competition

Five competitors participated in the men’s division hot dog eating contest.

WARSAW — Saturday, July 15, at the Kosciusko Community Fair, the local Lions Club hosted a hot dog eating contest as a way to celebrate the centennial anniversary of Lions Club.

Participation was limited to the first ten men and the first ten women to register by noon on July 15.

The contest began at 1 p.m. at the fairground event center, with eight female competitors and five male competitors. Contestants had to be at least 16 years old. The participants were given five minutes to eat as many hot dogs and buns as possible. Two cups of water were provided to each participant.

When the five minutes were up, participants were given an additional thirty seconds to finish whatever food was remaining in their mouths.

Winner of the women’s competition was Joanne Stump, who ate four and one quarter hotdogs. Ashley Larson came in second, and Allison Stump took third place.

In the men’s competition, Josh Dull was the winner. Dull ate seven hotdogs. Two competitors ate five hotdogs, so a two-minute tie-breaker “eat off” was held. Both men were each given six additional hotdogs. Jeff Abbott came in second by eating three of his six hotdogs. Third place went to Jeremiah Williams.

First place prize was $100 in each division, second place was $50 and third place winners received a package of hot dogs.

Prize money was provided by Reeve Insurance Group. James Reeve, owner of Reeve Insurance Group, is a member of the Lions Club.



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