Lusk Promotes Message Of Unity Through Magic And Humor

Daniel Lusk and his bird puppet.

WARSAW — Daniel Lusk, a professional entertainer from Indianapolis, performed his new show, “Leggo My Magic Show,” Friday, June 16, at the Warsaw Community Public Library.

Lusk entertains and educates thousands of people each year through magic, comedy and puppets. He performs hundreds of shows every year at libraries, churches, companies and sporting organizations as well as at private parties.

The “Leggo My Magic Show” is a 45 minute program which includes some well-known colorful building blocks. With the assistance of music, magic tricks and a bird puppet, Lusk entertained the audience and demonstrated the message that it’s okay to be different. Lusk showed the children that the Lego blocks were all different colors, shapes and sizes and explained that even though they are all different, they all fit together.

“If the blocks all work together, they build something,” said Lusk, adding “If we work together, no matter what color, size or shape we come in, I think we can build an amazing world together, a better world.”

WCPL hosted Lusk’s show as a free event with no registration required. This is just one of many programs/events offered by the library. Information about upcoming events can be found on their website.




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