Code Hearing Addresses Issues With Homes On Park Avenue And Ringneck Trail

Faviola Duran’s home at 519 N. Park Avenue, Warsaw.

WARSAW — During the City of Warsaw Department of Code Enforcement hearing held Monday, June 19, issues with two properties discussed during previous hearings were revisited.

Fabiola Duran’s property at 519 N. Park Avenue was on the docket again this month. Duran’s home has been on the hearing docket since February. Duran had purchased the house in October 2015, inheriting a list of code violations concerning the home’s foundation and dilapidated roof.

During the previous hearing in May, Duran was instructed to make progress to complete work on the home’s foundation. The homeowner explained no work had been completed on the house since the last code hearing in May. Duran explained she had been waiting on approval from the city of Warsaw and the architect before any work was completed.

Hearing officer Lawrence Clifford noted the contract that Duran had submitted shortly after last month’s meeting had not completely covered the issues that had been addressed with the foundation.

Duran mentioned she had been dealing with communication issues with the contractor and the architect involved in the project. Clifford stated Duran needed to speak with the individuals involved and get a quote that addresses all the issues with the foundation.

Clifford noted the home is still eligible for demolition if work is not completed on the foundation.

Fredric Lawrence, representing Deutsche Bank, informed the city of the progress that has been made to the residence at 330 Ringneck Trail.

Lawrence stated the required work on the home had been completed since the last code hearing in May. Smoke detectors and light fixtures have been installed. An engineer has certified that the metal poles in the basement are sufficient. The handrails have been fixed in the home and an engineer has indicated any water intrusion should not be a structural issue.

Clifford suggested an inspection be scheduled directly following the meeting. Clifford indicated he was ready for the property to be deemed satisfactory and off the code hearing docket. If all the issues with the home are not fixed, issues with the property will be revisited at the next code hearing July 17.




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