Area Accident Reports


Officers with the Kosciusko Sheriff’s Department investigated the following accidents:

8:37 p.m. Friday, June 16, East Armstrong Road, east of EMS T25 Lane, Leesburg. Driver: Ronald J. Hanusin, 77, EMS B40G Lane, Leesburg. Hanusin traveled off the south edge of the road, rolling at least once before landing in a field. He complained of pain all over his body and was transported to KCH for treatment. Hanusin had been drinking prior to the accident; a toxicology report is pending at this time. Damage to the corn field will result in a financial loss to the farmer. Damage up to $25,000.

7:34 a.m. Saturday, June 17, East US 30 and South CR 450E. Driver: Kara L. Smith. Smith struck a deer. Damage up to $5,000.

2:46 p.m. Saturday, June 17, North CR 800E and East CR 1000N, Syracuse. Driver: Brandon M. Dills, 27, Ridgewood Drive, Fort Wayne, and Jacob T. Baker, 34, East CR 875N, Syracuse. Dills did not see a stop sign and collided with Baker as Baker was turning at the intersection. Damage up to $10,000.

3:02 p.m. Saturday, June 17, West CR 900N, east of North Orn Road Milford. Driver: Mathew L. Slabaugh, 21, West CR 1350N, Milford. Slabaugh was eastbound on CR 900N with a boat in tow when he came up on four motorcyclists only going 40 mph. Slabaugh attempted to pass and while doing the lead motorcyclist came close to the middle line. Slabaugh swerved to avoid hitting the motorcyclist, going off the road and hitting a utility pole with the rest of his truck and the boat. Damage up to $50,000.

5:38 p.m. Saturday, June 17, South CR 200W, north of West CR 1200S, Warsaw. Driver: Jamie W. Fuller, 46, Sierra Run, Fort Wayne. Fuller struck a deer. Damage up to $5,000.

Midnight Sunday, June 18, East CR 800N and North CR 400E, Leesburg. Driver: Jesse E. Bohannon, 38, West Sherman Street, Bremen. Bohannon did not see a turn in the road and was unable to make the turn. His vehicle left the roadway and hit a tree. Damage up to $5,000.

10:33 a.m. Sunday, June 18, North CR 800E and East McClintic Road, Syracuse. Driver: Katherine M. Acres Woods, 35, Longwood Lane, Ligonier, and Jordan R. Wilkinson, 24, North CR 750E, Syracuse. Acres Woods was entering a curve and crossed the middle line, striking Wilkinson’s driver side and pushing himĀ into the ditch. Damage up to $25,000.


10:09 a.m. Saturday, June 17, Fort Wayne Street, west of Indiana Street, Warsaw. Driver: Todd A Kohler, 39, Lindenwood Avenue, Warsaw. A juvenile pedacyclist traveling too quickly down a hill collided with Kohler’s vehicle. Kohler attempted to swerve but was unable to move far enough out of the way. The child was taken to Lutheran Hospital, Ft. Wayne. Damage up to $2,500.

1:25 p.m. Saturday, June 17, 100 N. Detroit St., Warsaw. Driver: David S. Creekmore, 21, West CR 250S, Warsaw. Creekmore’s brakes malfunctioned and he backed up into a parked vehicle. Damage up to $2,500.

12:33 p.m. Monday, June 19, South Park Avenue, south of East Center Street, Warsaw. Drivers: Javier M. Mata, 52, Tecumseh Street, Warsaw, and Austra M. Bridgewater, 35, Third Street, Fort Wayne. Mata attempted to make a wide right turn, swinging out into the other lane of travel, when he collided with Bridgewater who believed Mata was turning left and attempted to drive past him in while staying in her lane. Bridgewater stated that Mata’s left turn signal was on. Damage up to $5,000.


6:09 a.m. Sunday, June 18, East 1400N, east of North Warner Road, Syracuse. Driver: Brandon Lopez, 18, Hansel and Gretel Lane, Cromwell. Lopez stated he was tired and fell asleep at the wheel. When he woke up his vehicle was in the grass on the north side of the road. He attempted to brake but the vehicle continued into a tree. Lopez was transferred to Goshen Hospital with a possible broken leg. Damage up $25,000.

7:47 p.m., Sunday, June 18, West Railroad Avenue, west of South Syracuse-Webster Road, Syracuse. Drivers: Donna J. Miller, 79, County Road 23, New Paris, and Derek H. Powell, 41, North CR 560E, Syracuse. Miller collided with Powell at the intersection. Damage up to $2,500.



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