Burket Educational Center Hosts Graduation Celebration

In back from left are Angela Woodward, Micah Lukens and Jon Hutton. In the middle row from left are Braxton Mollett, Abby Poe, Dewey Gayheart and Katherine Heckman. In front from left are Devin Robinson, Angie Denton, Brent Hyde, Timothy Braxton, Josie Forney, Patricia Rudolph and Dale Wallace.

BURKET — Twelve students walked the stage during the Burket Educational Center Graduate Honors Reception held Thursday morning, May 18.

The Burket Historical Gymnasium was filled with teachers, families and friends to celebrate the graduations of the students.

Students Angie Denton, Katherine Heckman, Josie Forney, Dewey Gayheart, Abby Poe, Patricia Rudolph, Devin Robinson, Jenny Watkins, Brent Hyde, Timothy Mollette, Dale Wallace and Braxton Mollett walked during the ceremony. Graduates not present were Angel Howe, Riley Reichard, Christian Nine, Alexis Sheepman and Amanda Shepherd.

Teacher Micah Lukens honored the twelve graduates who walked during the ceremony by sharing about the specific journeys the students have been on to receive their diplomas.

Lukens mentioned students attend the alternative education center for a multitude of reasons. Students often need to complete their education at a different pace due to job schedules, unexpected obstacles and a need for additional guidance.

“Whether students were in tough situations because they were victims of circumstances outside of their control, or because of poor decision making, it makes little difference. When it came to earning their diploma, these students buckled down and focused on this moment,” said Lukens.

Lukens noted the educational center was celebrating a milestone of having over 300 students graduating from the center over the course of 14 years.

“Although the traditional high school is wonderful with caring facility and staff, it’s simply not possible for them to meet the wide range of all the students that we have,” said Lukens.



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