Warsaw Code Enforcement Reminds Residents About Tall Grass, Weeds

WARSAW — Spring has sprung and Dana Hewitt, code enforcement inspector for Warsaw, wants to remind residents of the environmental nuisance ordinance. The ordinance targets tall grass and weeds inside city limits. Residents are expected to maintain their lawns, yards and property per the ordinance.

The environmental public nuisance is defined as any growth of weeds, grass or rank vegetation on a plot or parcel of land other than excluded property which is neglected, or not cut, mown or otherwise removed which is higher than nine inches. 

The ordinance further states, that upon the failure of the occupant or owner to abate such nuisance, the city may enter upon such premises and abate the nuisance. The costs of such abatement shall be assessed against the owner of such property and, if not paid within 30 days after notification, the city may impose a lien upon such property for such expense and shall place the same upon the tax duplicate of the office of the county treasurer for collection as provided by law.

Property owners also must keep their property free from garbage and refuse and trash of any nature or character, and will remove any partially demolished building and/or improvements which are partially torn down and which are unsightly in appearance.



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