Warsaw Woman Sentenced For Defrauding Teachers Credit Union Of $42,430

Nanci Hanna

WARSAW — A Warsaw woman was sentenced Thursday, April 20, after defrauding a total of $42,430 from Teachers Credit Union during the time when she was an assistant manager at the bank.

Nanci Hanna, 1203 1/2 E. Smith St., Warsaw, was sentenced to three years of probation in addition to continue paying restitution to Teachers Credit Union.

During the sentencing, prosecutor Katy Hampton noted Hanna’s lack of a criminal record and her acceptance of guilt and responsibility for her actions. Hampton went on to mention that Hanna has already paid $16,000 back to the bank per her restitution agreement with Teachers Credit Union.

Hanna’s attorney Patti J. Taylor stated that Hanna had been taking responsibility for her actions since she had been questioned at about the theft. She mentioned that Hanna had liquidated her only retirement account to begin paying back the money to the bank.

Hanna showed remorse for her actions, “This is something that I am truly ashamed of and sorry for.”

Cates sentenced Hanna to three years of probation. Cates noted the theft had been caused by “aggravating mitigating circumstances” of which he did not name.

Hanna’s charge stems from a theft that occurred last January. According to court documents, officials at Teachers Credit Union notified Warsaw Police on Jan. 15, 2016, to report a shortage of $39,520 from one of the bank teller drawers. The branch manager told police all drawer combinations are under dual control, with the exception of those owned by Hanna, assistant branch manager. An audit of all drawers found Hanna’s drawer was also short $2,910.

TCU investigator Patrick Doyle spoke with Hanna who admitted taking $2,910 from her drawer and $39,520 from another drawer. The theft occurred between June 2014 through Dec. 22, 2015.



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