Leesburg Students Skype With Holocaust Survivor

LEESBURG — On Tuesday, April 18, Leesburg Elementary sixth grade students were offered the opportunity to Skype with Holocaust survivor Simone Liebster, who lives in the Swiss Alps.

To prepare the students for this event, Leesburg sixth grade teachers invited William and Kristi Keller, who represent the Arnold/Liebster Foundation, to inform the kids about Liebster and her time during this period in history. Liebster is a Jehovah Witness who stood up for what she believed in by not supporting Adolf Hitler as a young child. In fact, this strong determination got her kicked out of school. She was then sent to a girl’s penitentiary.

The students were able to ask her questions that they came up with about that time in her life. The Skype session lasted one hour and 20 different students were able to interview Liebster and listen to her responses. Leesburg Elementary is very grateful that Liebster was willing to share her story with the students. They look forward to talking with her again next year.



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