Claypool To Use ORV State Statute

Council member Larry Neher, president Niki Miller and member Liz Heiman take note of town marshal Dalis Owens’s OTV recommendation.

CLAYPOOL — Last council meeting, Feb. 20, Claypool Council President Niki Miller gave town marshal Dalis Owens the off-road vehicle ordinance the town had been working on to compare to the state statute. Owens came back to the board at their March 20 meeting and advised that he believed it would be simpler to follow the state statute.

“It’s a whole lot easier to enforce…they can’t say they didn’t know,” said Owens.

Indiana law requires that the operator must possess a valid driver’s license, the vehicle must have a headlight and taillight and the vehicle must be registered with DNR.

For more information about ORV laws go to online or contact local law enforcement.

In other business:

  • Council is looking to do a spring clean up day sometime between April 16 and May 14.
  • Town employee Gene Warner asked for vacation days May 15-19.
  • Claypool Police are down to two reserve officers.



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