Ink Free News Hits Milestone Of 55,000 Facebook Likes

KOSCIUSKO COUNTY — has officially reached 55,000 likes on Facebook. Ink Free News continues to prove itself as Kosciusko County’s breaking news leader.

Ink Free News has been providing breaking news to Kosciusko County since April 30, 2012. The news operation has changed names and editors since 2012, but has always striven to deliver fast and accurate news pertaining to Kosciusko County.

As of today, the news organization has 55,000 likes on Facebook and Kosciusko County has a population of 77,963 people. In just the past week, Ink Free News has had over 877,000 page views with a total of 69,843 unique visitors.

We pride ourselves on our extensive coverage of public records, community, sports and business news. If you have a story idea that you would like to see covered by Ink Free News, feel free to contact us via Facebook or our website.

We would like to thank our advertisers for their support in making all of this possible. We would also like to thank our readers for all of their support. Without readers Ink Free News wouldn’t exist.

Facebook isn’t the only way that Kosciusko County gets their information from Ink Free News, we also have Instagram and Twitter pages that get updated regularly.



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