Crawfish Adventure Race Is A Big Hit

Ashley Bishop and Megan Metzger dab as they cross the finish line.

Ashley Bishop and Megan Metzger dab as they cross the finish line.

WARSAW — It was a beautiful day in Lake City for the Northern Indiana Lakes Festival. The afternoon was packed with plenty to do, including several first time events that had great turnouts.

One of these new events was the Crawfish Adventure Race put on by Metzger Outdoors. The inaugural event had a great turnout and provided participants with plenty to do.

The race started on the beach outside of the Center Lake Pavilion and took participants down the shoreline, over the pier and around the boat ramp. Those in the easier race moved on to the second leg from there, but the harder race involved running down to the dam and doing an 800 meter swim before heading back to start leg two.

Leg two was where the “adventure” truly came in to play. Racers went south towards downtown Warsaw and hit the Walk-n-Wander statues as the next part of their journey. Notes would need to be taken about the statues to prove that racers had actually been to each stop.

Upon returning to the beach, the most entertaining part of the race began, the obstacle course.

Participants went out on the pier and began their trek by jumping across floating pads. This proved to be much harder than advertised and provided plenty of laughs. After that, racers would swim to shore and army crawl a set distance before swimming out around a buoy and back towards shore where there were submerged logs to maneuver around. The final stretch of the course had several obstacles, most of which involved climbing. After that, racers ended up right where they started on the beach.

Over 50 participants joined in on the fun, which put a big smile on race coordinator Matt Metzger’s face.

“We were very happy with the turnout,” Metzger said.

Metzger and his brother, Micah, put on the event and came up with the course layout. The Metzgers do all of this for free and send money raised to two great local causes.

“The money goes to Destiny Rescue and Grace College Center for Lakes and Streams,” Metzger explained. “All of the money here goes back to those two places, which we’re happy to help. This is a great opportunity for the community to come out and have some fun.”



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