Update On Tippecanoe River Clean-Up

Tippe River Clean upThe Center for Lakes & Streams has announced the first phase of a clean-up project to remove the excess of fallen trees in the Tippecanoe River is complete.

In an effort to reduce local flooding, 97 logjams were removed from 15 miles of the Tippecanoe River between Ind. 19 and Old US 30.

This project, a collaborative effort of the Center for Lakes & Streams, the Kosciusko County Office of Emergency Management, the Kosciusko County Surveyor’s Office, Lake Tippecanoe Property Owners, and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, reduced woody debris detrimental to the river environment.

Nate Bosch, director, explains, “Some debris is good for a river because it provides habitat, but too much woody debris in the form of severe logjams can be detrimental because it can cause erosion, stream bank degradation and problems for fish and other wildlife.”

Center for Lakes & Streams staff kayaked the cleared portion of the river to ensure a clear water course and confirm a strong presence of good woody debris.

Further Tippecanoe clean-up efforts will focus on the stretch from Old US 30 up to Oswego Lake.



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