Man Charged With Funeral Home Burglary

Austin James GrindleA Warsaw man was taken into custody yesterday morning after allegedly breaking into a funeral home in the northern portion of Kosciusko County.

Kosciusko County officials were contacted Tuesday morning at 6:44 a.m. from employees at Katies’ Kwik Mart convenience store, 101 S. Main St., Leesburg, regarding the unusual actions of the driver of a yellow motorcycle.

As officers were en route to the location, the driver apparently left the gas station northbound after he had caused a disturbance inside and outside the store.

Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Deputies radioed for the Milford Police Department officer to watch for the suspect vehicle. Officers were then notified by the 9-1-1 dispatch center at 7 a.m. that a motorcycle matching the suspect’s had circled Mishler Funeral Home, located at 461 W. 900 N., Milford, and the driver had then approached the business. Milford police arrived at the funeral home and located the yellow motorcycle, along with a broken window on a rear door of the establishment.

The suspect, identified as Austin James Grindle, 19, of Warsaw, emerged from the broken window and was taken into custody by Milford and arriving Kosciusko County Sheriff’s deputies.

Management of Mishler Funeral Home arrived on scene and allowed officers inside, at which point their preliminary investigation found that the suspect had been attempting to steal children’s DVD movies.

Deputies also obtained a search warrant to obtain a blood draw for drug and alcohol results from Grindle due to his erratic behavior. Those results are still pending, but Grindle was subsequently arrested and preliminarily charged with felony burglary of a business with intent.

He is currently being held on a prosecutorial hold without bond in the Kosciusko County Jail.



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Man Charged With Funeral Home Burglary — 15 Comments

  1. what a little doper… This little pip squeak went “car-hopping” a couple years ago and broke into my car along with many others. He’s definitely been up to no good for some time.

  2. Personally, he looks like a meth head with all the sores on his face! Curious to see if we will be hearing of the blood draw results on this idiot!

  3. Yea i was the employee at the gas station he first went to very rude kid made me very uncomfortable hope he gets help

  4. Looks like someone has a meth problem, maybe? Why do these thugs get arrested so many times, and still get out to cause more problems?

    • Seriously Bob…what a jerk you are. Look beyond the crime he committed and see there is something wrong here in this kids life.

  5. I had seen that bike around town that day and honestly thought the rider was being a little odd, I now understand there may have been some reason for that….

  6. Wait a minute … They held him with no bond but my house was busted into last week and the robber threatensour life and tried to run my husband over and his bond was a 6000 bond ? And we wasn’t able to press aditional charges ? Wat a crock ….