PCH Sweepstakes Brings Out The Scammers

On April 30, Publishers Clearing House plans to announce one winner’s name who will receive $7,000 a week for life. It’s an opportunity criminals are taking to try and fool PCH sweepstakes fans by utilizing social media and telemarketing with false claims.

Elkhart County Sheriff’s deputies are receiving multiple reports now of a phone scam where the caller reports to be from Publishers Clearing House. The caller states the¬†recipient of the call has won the sweepstakes, but must send a certain amount of funds via “GreenDot” cards to release their winnings. Those having received such a call describe the caller as having a Jamaican accent.

Officers are warning the public to be aware of this scam. Verify the validity of any caller who requests you send money. Legitimate sweepstakes and lotteries will not require funds to release winnings.



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