‘Greater Tuna’ On Amish Acres Stage

“Greater Tuna” is on stage at Amish Acres Round Barn Theatre’s Second Stage, in the Lock Township Meeting House, located in the greeting barn, through April 6. It is a must see that will tickle your funnybone.

There are only two actors in this comedy — Jeremy Littlejohn and Mathew C. Scott. Both are seasoned Amish Acres veterans. During the course of the production, the duo portrays more than 20 eccentric characters of both genders and various ages.

Littlejohn is Arles Struvie, Didi Snavely, Harold Deane Lattimer, Petey Fisk, Jody, Stanley and Charlene Bumiller, Chad Harford, Phinas Blye and Vera Carp.

Scott is Thurston Wheelis, Elmer Watkins, Bertha Bumiller, Yippy, Leonard Childers, Pearl Burras, R. R. Snavely, Rev. Spikes, Sheriff Givens and Hank Bumiller.

Each character requires a quick costume change.

The comedy is about life in a small town, the third smallest in the state of Texas. The show centers around radio broadcasts by Arles and Thurston and others from station 0KKK.

There is the used weapons dealer, Didi Snavely, who advertises on the radio. Pearl Burras, whose hobby is feeding strychnine to any dog that strays into her chicken pen. This, however, backfires when she accidentally poison her husband’s prize bird dog, Ripper. To keep out of trouble, she has a nephew, Stanley, drive over the dead dog. Adding to the fun of this set is her sister, Bertha Bumiller, mother of Jody, who had a pack of dogs following him all over, twins Stanley and Carlene, he has been in reform school but really hasn’t reformed and she is devastated because she wasn’t chosen as a cheerleader. And, there is the local drunk, R. R., who has seen a UFO, but no one believes him because after all, he is the local drunk.

While it’s hard to pick one favorite character, I think the spotlight fell on Petey Fisk. He’s out to save the animals … first the ducks, then the dog of the week, Yippy, and then he feels sorry for the poor fish that really do feel pain. And Bertha Bumiller is a typical mother who wants what’s best for her children commands the spotlight when she’s on stage.

Throughout the production the characters interact with one another. Several visit the funeral home where the judge’s body lies in state and several surprising secrets are revealed. Charlene ends up a guest on the radio show, reading her prize winning poem, “My Tuna.”

There’s a meeting at the Baptist Church with Vera Carp presiding since the president, Rev. Spikes is late. The committee wants to take offensive words out of the dictionary and objects to all except a few sentences of Spanish being taught in the schools. Of course, when he arrives she has conducted all of the business and there is nothing left for him to do but the funeral service for the judge.

All in all, it’s a great way to spend a couple hours. Littlejohn and Scott turn in their usual great performances. For tickets call 800-800-4942 or www.AmishAcres.com. There are no reserved seats, only general seating.



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