Enough Is Enough! Time Zone Resolution Needed

Dear Editor,

For the fourth year in a row, Senator David Long has sandbagged Time Zone resolutions by assigning them to his committee and then not giving them a hearing.

What issues do he and other legislative leaders want kept from public scrutiny? Is it exposure of the myth about Eastern Time’s benefits to Indiana businesses?  Possibly the realities of how unsafe it is for Indiana’s 850,000 Eastern Time students when the public learns the details about students being killed, assaulted, robbed, and seriously injured while traveling to school in the dark.

How about hearing of the hardships that 800,000 Hoosiers have to contend with on a daily basis because of the time zone boundary that divides 18 Indiana counties? Or maybe testimony from Indiana’s 90,000 construction workers and Indiana’s family farmers about how Eastern Time’s sunlight schedule delays their workday and causes unnecessary hardships for them and their families?

What about the inconveniences to millions of Indiana’s sports fans caused by the lateness of nationally broadcast events? Can they risk having taxpayers learn about the exorbitant amounts of money allocated for education that are being wasted by school delays caused by Eastern Time’s sunlight schedule ($71 million so far this year). What would happen if businesses caught on to how much school delays are costing them in cancelled appointments, meetings, etc.?

In January a petition for the redress of 18 specific grievances was filed with the General Assembly by the Central Time Coalition and supported by signed petitions of 25,000 Hoosiers and 47 school districts. Is this the year that legislators finally tell their leaders “enough is enough” and appoint a study committee to conduct a fair and thorough evaluation of these issues? We hope so because these issues affect all Hoosiers.

More information is available at www.hoosiersforcentraltime.com

Susannah H. Dillon, president
Central Time Coalition
507 Cornwall Ct.
Carmel, IN 46032
[email protected]



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Enough Is Enough! Time Zone Resolution Needed — 9 Comments

  1. Consider the sun setting at 4pm…joy? I think not. Here’s a solution… Everyone can set their watch for whatever time they would like the sun to rise. That should finally stop the complaints. Seriously, what is so wrong with finally joining the rest of the modern world??? Personally I would abolish daylight savings time EVERYWHERE & move all clocks one hour ahead permanently.

    • Boston’s earliest sunset is 4:16, New York’s is 4:21. Ours would be 4:27 if we were on our correct time zone. Re-joining the Central Time Zone would make us NORMAL, and in sync with the rest of the country. As a businessman, I can tell you people HATE the fact that we now have to wait ’til almost lunchtime to talk to anyone on the West Coast. Eastern DAYLIGHT Time has been a disaster!

  2. Quit your wining and accept it for what it is. If this was resolved to your liking you would most likely find something else to complain about

  3. “What issues do he and other legislative leaders want kept from public scrutiny?” Turn your clock back a few decades and revisit some basic grammar skills.

  4. Observing Daylight Saving Time is not the problem – the problem is the wrong time zone. With eight years of EDT, Indiana’s education ratings have steadily declined, Indiana’s teens have the highest crash rates in the US, Indiana is the 8th most obese state in the US and among the least physically fit, Indiana’s poverty rate has dropped from 12th lowest in the US in 2000 to 34th lowest in 2011, Indiana’s median income has dropped from $78,599 in 2000 to $57,148 in 2011, Indiana’s workforce education level is now 42nd nationally, on and on. It appears that “acclimating to EDT” means going backwards. Uniting all of Indiana within it’s original Central Time Zone will positively affect all of these situations and make Indiana much safer and students more ready to learn by giving them one more hour of sunlight in the morning.

    • Statistics and metrics can always be used or manipulated to prove/disprove any argument. Should I wish, I am sure I could cherry-pick plenty of data to prove the inverse of your hypothesis. I think it much more probable that fiscal policy has lead to the afore mentioned declines than the movement of the sun and the corresponding numbers on your Timex. Time (as in the keeping and measuring of) is by nature, relative to the individual and is only important as a social construct if we all agree WHAT time it is. Seems like we have finally done that… Well, present company excluded.

  5. You obviously don’t have a child with a fresh drivers license! Regardless, not all students drive to school. In fact, my child was almost not picked up one morning by the bus because he couldn’t see her standing a couple feet from the road. Maybe you should go to this website and see the facts before calling us whiners. http://www.hoosiersforcentraltime.com