Missing Teens Found Safe In Florida

Two missing teenagers were found safe today in Florida and the mother of 15-year-old Veronica Brissette could not be happier. (See related)

Just this afternoon Carrie Brissette said her daughter and her boyfriend, Josh Coman, 17, “… were found safe in Daytona Beach, Fla. Both are in custody with juvenile detention centers there. Thank God!”

The teens went missing Jan. 2 when they stole Carrie’s vehicle from her home in Brookfield, Wis. Police in both Brookfield and locally in Kosciusko County were trying to locate the teens by cell phone usage, which initially led them to believe the couple was in the Warsaw area where the Brissettes used to live. Those hopes were soon dashed when police realized they had the wrong cell phone number.

On Sunday, Carrie said the kids had less than $200 and were headed “somewhere warm, possibly Phoenix, Ariz., or California.”

Today, Carrie spoke with her daughter by phone. “She sounded okay and that’s all that matters. She is OK, thank God,” explained Carrie. “No ‘why questions and answers just yet.”

Carrie said a lead on the couple related to Orland, Fla., so an attempt to locate was issued on the stolen vehicle they were driving. “They were found sleeping in the car by law enforcement.”

If there are charges, Carrie said it will be for the auto theft. She added that neither of the teens have driver’s licenses. “Ironically, the car is in great condition too,” she added. “How two unlicensed, inexperienced drivers were able to get to Daytona Beach, Fla., safely is beyond me!”

Veronica Brissette will have a court hearing in Florida in the morning.



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Missing Teens Found Safe In Florida — 4 Comments

  1. I really hate this article it makes them sound like they were victims but they were criminals. Why should I concern myself for the welfare of criminals. What a load of crap!

  2. Let’s see. 17 year old boy takes 15 year old girl across state lines…violation of the MANN Act, and kidnapping, plus car theft and money theft. Kind of sounds like some jail time is on order for both of them.

  3. Is anyone considering WHY these kids all keep running away? Maybe their home life is horrible and they feel the need to escape. I am in no way insinuating this is the case in this particular story but with all the horrors in today’s world, has anyone such as CPS looked into the family history of any of these cases? How are we to be sure we aren’t returning these kids to a horrible situation. On the other side if they are just being rebellious teens, I agree they should receive some sort of counseling or ordered to volunteer or do community service but I do not think they all need to have the law thrown at them.

  4. After reading the 4 comments below, I now see why so many Americans have a criminal record. Everyone wants to pin a crime on somebody rather than focusing on what’s really behind the talks.