Elkhart County Latest To Issue Emergency

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 5.50.05 PMAs of 6 p.m., the Elkhart County Board of Commissioners declared a snow emergency for Elkhart County and has officially closed offices tomorrow. Travel on many of the roadways has become hazardous due to significant amounts of snowfall, strong winds, freezing temperatures and widespread drifting of roads.

County agencies are working together to alleviate the poor road conditions. During this emergency, citizens are asked to cooperate with county ordinance 2013-153 that mandates that no travel on county roadways is permitted during the emergency. The only exception to this provision is for emergency crews and county highway workers carrying out their official duties.

Elkhart County Highway is still making progress on the roadways and is asking that citizens be patient as the roadways are still continuing to be cleared. Please assist them by staying off the roadways until the emergency has been lifted.

For other emergency declarations, see the Indiana Department of Homeland Security website.



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