Youth Airlifted After Fall

Youth airlifted

A 10-13 year-old male was airlifted to Lutheran Hospital, Fort Wayne, after falling in the hay loft on a farm east of Milford. (Photo by Deb Patterson)

A 10-13 year-old male was airlifted by Lutheran Air Ambulance this afternoon from Milford after a fall in a barn.

Milford Fire Department was called at approximately 1:30 p.m. to a location on CR 1250N, between CR 200W and CR 300W for a lift assist with Multi-Township Paramedics. The youth allegedly fell several feet inside a barn.

According to one of the firefighters at the scene the youth was in a hay loft when he fell. Firefighters lowered the young man from the loft to the waiting ambulance, which transported him to Lutheran Air. The helicopter landed in the parking lot of Brock Manufacturing on the north edge of Milford.

According to scanner traffic the youth suffered tibia and fibula fractures (the two main bones of the lower leg). The youth is reportedly not from the Milford area.



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Youth Airlifted After Fall — 5 Comments

  1. I’m not trying to make light of this young persons injury but, do you really need a helicopter for a broken leg? It seems to me they are using this helicopter for nearly anything now and days to pay for it. It used to be they would only use the helicopter for truly serious injuries like car crashes. Again I don’t know how seriously this leg break was but I remember several of my friends breaking bones and their parents just drove them to the hospital.

    • A child, falling from that height, could have many internal injuries as well as spine or head trauma. Please don’t assume from what SP reports or from scanner traffic. This needs to be dealt with as a serious incident and that is what they did.

    • Many other things could have been wrong considering the nature of the accident such as internal injuries, spinal injuries, etc. Fort Wayne has a trauma center and this is considered a trauma. This is a scanner news report – one doesn’t know if there are other injuries and the first responders wouldn’t want to take a chance.

      • I read an article sometime back in popular mechanics that stated 43 percent of patients delivered by helicopter are released in less then 24 hours. So don’t believe that there isn’t financial incentive in using these devices.