Syracuse Town Council Makes Appointments

During the Syracuse Town Council’s regular monthly meeting Tuesday night appointments were made for 2014.

Tony Ciriello will remain police chief. Vern Landis will remain as town attorney. Mary Hursh and Jeff Nicodemus were appointed to the park board.

Councilmen Larry Siegel and Paul Stoelting along with Dan VanLue and Ernie Rogers were appointed to the Syracuse Redevelopment Commission. Councilmen Brian Woody and Bill Musser will represent the council on the fire territory board.

Heidi Heinsch was reappointed to the library board. Jerry Riffle and Jeremy Sponseller were reappointed to the Syracuse Tree Board.

Julie Kline, clerk-treasurer, reported the insurance renewal was $61,063 or $56,684 with high deductible for the town. A competing bid was for $54,314 for high deductible but did not offer data compromise coverage.

Town manager suggested staying with the original plan rather than high deductible since it covers decorative lights and fire hydrants along with providing other coverage.

The council approved paying $1,794 to update the code book and having Kline pursue information on an online billing system through Invoice Cloud.

The council also approved having areas of the town hall re-tiled for $3,637.87. The winning bid went to Goshen Floor Mart.

In old business Council President Musser updated the council on the equipment truck for the fire territory. The only bid was from Life State Rescue for $249,802.26. Councilwoman Kathy Beer asked what would happen with all the equipment on the truck when it went in for the remount. It was explained equipment would be put on other trucks until the truck came back.

Council approved the remount and refurbishment for $249,802.26.



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