WCHS Students Champion For ‘Respect’

Photo1 (3)Five student athletes from Warsaw recently attended a workshop in Indianapolis to learn about the importance of including students with disabilities into their everyday activities.

Through the Champions Together workshop, the students decided to bring back a message to the entire Warsaw Community High School study body. That message was to lead a campaign “Spread the Word to End the R-word.”

The “R-word” – a word formerly used to described the intellectually challenged – has made its way into common language. The word seems to be accepted by most, despite the fact that its use, casual or otherwise, is hurtful to millions of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, not to mention those who love them.

Photo1 (2)The word hurts, even it if is not directed at a person with disabilities. It is time for a change and the students at Warsaw Community High School are pledging to make that change.

All of this week, during the three lunch shifts, students can sign a pledge stating that they promise to “Spread the Word to End the R-Word.” Those who sign will receive a wristband to wear depicting the pledge.

In addition, students can buy T-shirts emphasizing the word “Respect” to send the message that the “R word” they use should be just that … Respect.

Proceeds from the shirt sales will help offset expenses for a 5K Run/1K Walk and Roll the students are planning for March 29. The event will take place on the new cross country track and the Walk and Roll will take place on the stadium track to allow for wheelchair participation. Money from that event will be donated to the Indiana Special Olympics.



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