Dubois Traffic Evolves To More Problems

Despite a sign noting "No Thru Traffic," Dubois Drive resident Dan Vanderpool said his property value is suffering because of this private road.

Despite a sign noting “No Thru Traffic,” Dubois Drive resident Dan Vanderpool said his property value is suffering because of this private road.

Traffic problems along Dubois Drive and a private drive installed by The Pill Box Pharmacy continue to plague Dan Vanderpool, who came to the city last night saying, “I’m trying my best to prevent a tragedy.”

Vanderpool lives in the only remaining home along Dubois Drive. It is next to The Pill Box and for months he has asked both store owner Greg Winn and the Warsaw Common Council to do something to protect his property. Since the private drive was put in for the purpose of serving customers of the pharmacy who had trouble accessing the business when the city made part of Dubois Drive a one-way street, Vanderpool has been plagued with problems.

In addressing the council again last night, Vanderpool said the general public uses that private drive and he has counted from 500 to 800 vehicles per day – including weekends when the business isn’t even open. Already dealing with the constant traffic and loss of privacy (see related), he said he now deals with teenagers trespassing through his yard and he fears being burglarized.

“I keep firearms in my home,” said Vanderpool. “If I find someone in my home in the middle of the night, I’m not going to ask for their ID, I’m going to shoot them … I’m trying my best to prevent a tragedy here.”

In October, Bill and Greg Winn approached the Warsaw Traffic Commission asking the city to revisit the one-way road designation. The Winns say their business has noticed a decline in customers simply because the pharmacy and home medical supply business is no longer easily accessible.

Vanderpool has given up on getting assistance from the city or the Winns in protecting his property, so his mission Monday night was to ask city leaders to force councilwoman Elaine Call to recuse herself from any votes dealing with the private drive. Vanderpool said Call is part of a trust that controls the property off of Parker Street, where the Winns private drive is installed. “There was a clear conflict of interests,” he added.

Vanderpool is taking his problem to the Warsaw Board of Zoning Appeals where he plans to seek an exception to erect a privacy fence at his property line bordering that owned by The Pill Box. The problem is, the fence will need to be 18 feet to 20 feet tall, which is far beyond what is acceptable by city code, and Call is the council’s liaison to the WBZA.

“This fence will be exceedingly expensive … however, it makes no sense to get a bid for a fence before it is approved,” he said. “I ask that the mayor and the rest of the Common Council insist that Ms. Call recuse herself through whatever procedure is appropriate.”

Mayor Joe Thallemer said Call, who was absent from last night’s meeting, has asked to be taken off of her appointment as the city’s liaison to the WBZA so said there should be no issues with his request.

Following the city meeting, city planner Jeremy Skinner told StaceyPageOnline.com that an engineering study on traffic within the entire medical park is being planned. Skinner is now getting estimates on what the study would cost and will seek financial support of businesses within the medical park to complete the study. He hopes to start the study by the end of January.



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Dubois Traffic Evolves To More Problems — 9 Comments

  1. What a waste of time–solve the problem for everyone and open that road back up to two-way traffic not only does it cause problems for the general public but it makes it to where EMS has to drive around the area just to get to KCH from the east side, that is really a stupid one way street in the first place and I am sure I am not the only person in Warsaw to feel that way.

  2. The current configuration of the street is frickin stupid. What were they hoping to achieve in the first place. I can’t believe this Vanderpool guy just admitted that he might shoot someone because this could come back to haunt him if he ever does. Remember talk softly but carry a big stick.

  3. Closing the street to two way traffic was a mistake in the first place. It did not solve any problems. I do not blame the Pill Box for putting in a private drive. They depend on their business. As far as Mr. Vanderpool’s ‘loss of privacy’ and ‘constant traffic,’ you moved to a street where you are the ONLY residential property and the rest is commercial, it is to be expected that there will be traffic and not much privacy. And the teenagers cutting through his yard? I doubt the private drive or one way traffic caused that. I get his concerns, but not much of an argument there. The real argument is that moving to one way traffic has only created traffic flow problems.

  4. The one way designation has given great relief to the Parker St./US 30 Stoplight intersection. A two-way street reduced to a one way street eliminates some traffic problems but causes others – like, where does the other direction go to get where they want to go? It is inconvenient but traffic is rerouted to the Springhill Acres Addition and out to US 30 from there. It is a safer alternative. EMS personnel know the route and don’t have any problems with it. As far as the access road behind the Pill Box, it’s unfortunate that it’s causing problems for Mr. Vanderpool. Hopefully a solution can be found for everyone.

  5. Planning and zoning as an afterthought. Anything to get another big box store built off an intersection of a main thoroughfare regardless of the traffic implications…. closing off part of Dubios was a real piece of rocket science. Put more thought into reworking the intersection of US 30 and Parker…

  6. That intersection had issues before the changed the street.Traffic still backs up getting across 30 and sometimes you cant hardly go north out of the BP.

  7. well for starters why on earth anyone would want to continue living there is beyond me.. Second of all that area is just ridiculous how the county set up these roads to begin with..they were a problem before the one way was added. Now that the one way was added its much worse. .

  8. What SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE< way back before all the traffic realignment, was to simply, synchorinze the light at Parker and dubois with the lights on US30. End of problem. NO one way, no pinched lanes, just sync up the lights. This poor hoeowner's being driven nuts by bad traffic planning.