Operation Smile: A Mission For Hope

Friends of a young girl stricken with cancer have started Operation Smile, which is a mission of hope.

“I’m asking all of my friends for their help,” writes Kristine Eisenhour. “My friend’s daughter, Korie Howard, has cancer, she’s 10. We are trying to get her LOADS of Christmas cards to help her get through 10 days of radiation.”

Eisenhour is asking everyone to take a moment and send this child a Christmas card and offer up a prayer. Operation Smile has already gotten the girl 43 cards in one day. “Let’s share lots of blessings during this Christmas season,” adds Eisenhour.

Korie starts her 10-day stretch of radiation treatment today and will complete it on Christmas Eve.

Korie is having a terrible time with the cancer. She is unable to do simple things like walk and has already undergone numerous treatments, but the cancer still seems to spread. “She has been incredibly depressed and needs a little cheer in her life right now,” Eisenhour reveals. “Her mother has given me permission to give out an address for her in hopes that you would take a few moments and send her a card or a letter to bring some light to her life. No child should ever have to go through this. So please, if you cannot send her anything, just share this post and get your friends to share and so on.”

To send a card to Korie, mail it to: Korie Howard, 304 N. Roosevelt Rd., Knox, IN 46534.



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