County Council Approves Appointments

The Kosciusko County Council handled more end of the year housekeeping at its meeting on Dec. 12.

To start Kosciusko County Sheriff Rocky Goshert requested a total of $11,610.84 be transferred from the repairs and maintenance account to cover insurance payments for repairs to some of the sheriff department’s vehicles. The motion was approved.

Representing the Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals, County Assessor Laurie Renier requested a transfer of $1,201.60 from part-time to PTABOA. “We’ve cut the budget too much,” said Renier.

A motion passed for the transfer. It was approved.

Scott Tilden from the highway department addressed a budget reduction request from the Department of Transportation. He requested $47,950 budgeted for a drainage foreman and truck driver, positions that were vacant this year, be removed from the 2014 budget.

Tilden also requested the sand and gravel budget be reduced $1,751. All motions were approved.

The county auditor had two motions that were approved. One was an agreement that would allow the Solid Waste auditor to be the organization’s controller. The other allowed the Kosciusko County Convention, Recreation and Visitors Commission  auditor to be the organization’s controller.

Finally, the following 2014 appointments for various county departments were approved:

  • Kenneth Johns, Alcoholic Beverage Commission
  • Linda Zimmerman and Jo Paczkowski, KCCRVC
  • Bob Sanders, Kosciusko Economic Development  Corporation
  • Roger Moriarty, Bell Memorial Library board
  • Paul Reith and Brock Ostrom, PTABOA board
  • Larry Teghtmeyer and Bill Warren, Redevelopment Commission
  • John Graber, Solid Waste
  • Brad Tandy and Larry Teghtmeyer, Wage Committee



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