SRO Pilot To Expire In December

Milford Town Council president Doug Ruch read a letter addressed to the council from the Wawasee School Corporation thanking Milford for participating in the pilot program during its regular meeting, Dec. 9.

In the letter, WSC addressed methods they were taking to improve school safety from door security measures to better security camera, plus bringing in officers for limited spans of time. Many of these measures are being funded through grants.

The school board is looking at capital funds, which would have to be matched to provide funding for a SRO program. Whether they pursue it will be determined at the school board meeting Dec. 10.

Council member Dan Cochran stated the pilot program provided valuable data and, if the funds became available, the council would have to consider resuming the SRO program.

Cochran noted when the pilot program, which was always slated to end at the end of December, began there was anger, shock and raw emotions after the shooting in Newtown, Conn. Since then, it was important for Cochran to know if there was data that the kids in the district were in jeopardy.

“The measure of success is hard to define,” he said. “For some it was just having an officer in the school.”

Cochran praised the Milford Police Department for their commitment and dedication, and noted the possibility of increasing their presence in and around the school through scheduling despite the pilot program’s expiration.

It was noted during the meeting that $1,000 remained for the SRO program and would allow a part-time officer to remain through January, giving time for the school board to determine its course of action.



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