Local Scouts Race Through Downtown Warsaw

(Photo provided)

(Photo provided)

Boys from area Cub Scout packs gathered Saturday to participate in the annual Cubmobile races. The event, which has been held for the past 12 years, allows boys to drag race down the hill on Indiana Street located beside Zimmer in downtown Warsaw.

According to Pack Leader Tina Walton, to get ready for the event, many of the kids take the “cubmobiles” out for practice rounds. Walton stated that though some do make their own cars to race, not all do. There are strict regulations on the weight the car must be in order to assure racing is fair for all kids.

“It goes by weight class and we also weigh the cars,” explained Walton. “Every car has to weigh the same. We ensure the cars weigh the same to make sure it is fair. The kids weigh their cars then they hang out until the race starts.”

According to Walton, the race features both a blue and red track for racers to go down twice. Racers are able to go down the tracks twice and average their race times. The fastest racer in each weight class wins.

“This is something the district puts on for the boys, we try to put on three to four events a year,” explained Walton. “We do both the Cubmobile and the Pinewood Derby as well as the Cub-O-Rama in the Spring and Fall.”

Walton explained that winning comes down to the way the cars are built and the skill of the drivers. She said the major component that decides which car races better are the wheels drivers utilize on their cars.

Every boy who participated in the event was awarded a scout patch and the top three contestants in each weight class were given trophies. Winners were as follows:

Bantam Class: first place Drew Gamber from pack #3828; second place Nate Engstrand pack #3782; third place Eli Rolston #3089.

Feather Class: first place Luke Ford pack #3819; second place Talan Ball pack #3828; third place Gavin Whitaker pack #3828.

Fly Class: first place Tai Vu pack #3828; second place Tyrus-James Ouimet pack #3772; third place Taylor Warrix pack #3729. 

Heavy Class: first place Jackson Coverstone pack #3828; second place Ty Lorcharoensery pack #3731; third place Mateo Salazar pack #3782. 

Middle Class: first place Connor Coy pack #3828; second place Brady Higdon pack #3828; third place Zachary Griffith pack #3828. 

Unlimited Class: first place Hunter Gibson pack #3082; second place Nathan Banning pack #3082; third place Alexander Ressler pack #3082. 

Welter Class: first place Cade Turnbow pack #3088; second place R.J. Myer pack #3772; third place Gage Howard pack #3736.



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