Third Subject Sought In Home Burglary

Zachary Dale Howard Smith

Zachary Dale Howard Smith

Austin James Smith

Austin James Smith

A third suspect remains at large today following an early morning home burglary in North Webster, but police say they have identified the suspect. The burglary happened while the victims were home.

North Webster Police Officer Candy Smythe tells that she received a report of a verbal argument at about 12:34 a.m. this morning in the 700 block of South Main Street. When she arrived, she located three individuals in a van.

“A resident of one of the apartments came out and said they had been robbed by” the subjects in the van, she said. At that time, one of the three subjects fled but the other two were taken into custody.

Zachary Dale Smith Howard, 23, and Austin James Smith, 19, both of 506 Turtle Bay Dr. Lot 88, Syracuse, were arrested and preliminarily charged for burglary/breaking and entering while armed with a deadly weapon. Police have declined to identify the type of weapon that was used, but did confirm the suspects were armed.

The preliminary investigation shows the three suspects forced their way into the apartment while the occupants were inside. Officer Smythe said it is not clear how the suspects knew the victims, but it appears there may have been some acquaintance.

Although items were stolen from the apartment, Officer Smythe said all but one item, a cell phone, were recovered from the van.

Both men are being held on $10,000 surety bonds in the Kosciusko County Jail.

The investigation is continuing.



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Third Subject Sought In Home Burglary — 7 Comments

  1. Warning:
    Due to the rising cost of ammunition we use it wisely. Let this be the only warning criminals need to respect others hard earned property and family.

  2. ive known them since i was 10 both destend for stupidity…sry are streets are filled with scum i wish i stayed in school id be a cop judge or the opportunitys we lose being young and dumb,,,STAY IN SCHOOL

    • I’ve known Zach since 5th grade when we had class together. at heart he is a goofy, kind person. this incident is not an accurate reflection of his character, I can truly vouch for that.