Mom Receives Probation For Child Abuse

Sherena Michele Harris

Sherena Michele Harris

Jolene Marie Swihart

Jolene Marie Swihart

One of two women arrested in May of this year for abusing a child received only probation for her crime. The second woman is still going through the criminal court process.

Sherene Harris, 26, 1692 E. 200 N. Lot 89, Warsaw, was charged with a Class C felony charge of neglect of a dependent resulting in injury, and a Class D felony count of battery resulting in injury. The charges stemmed from her admission to striking her child with a belt, which left visible bruising on the child. She also admitted to taping the 4-year-old’s mouth shut.

In a plea agreement, the Class C felony charge was dismissed and Harris pleaded guilty to the Class D charge. She received a 1 year suspended sentence in Kosciusko County Circuit Court.

As a result of the investigation, a second woman, Jolene Marie Swihart, 30, of the same address as Harris, was also arrested. She was charged with the same Class C and Class D felonies.

During interviews, investigators determined Swihart had kicked and potentially injured the same 4-year-old toddler on other previous occasions.

Swihart is scheduled for a 10 a.m. pre-trial conference in Kosciusko Circuit Court on Oct. 14.



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Mom Receives Probation For Child Abuse — 9 Comments

  1. The real question here is where is the child??? Was this child returned to the parent or is this child placed in a safe home where there will no longer be abuse. Can this child lay its head down at night knowing that with mornings light there will be no one hitting or kicking them??

  2. So basically all she gets is a felony on her record. which is bad but not bad enough in my opinion . i really hope they’re not dumb enough to let this little girl back in her care.

  3. Wow people get prison time for addiction problems instead of help but hurt a child who cant fight back and u get slapped on the wrist how are they going to sleep at night when they see this woman back intheir court room for killing her child next. What a sick person. And probation….yeah sje learned her lesson didnt she judge….wow unreal

  4. WOW!!!!!!!! Now she will do it again! How is this possible?! Where is this innocent little girl?!!! We all know she will come in contact with that poor child! My heart goes out to that little girl!!! God keep her safe!! Lord knows she needs some kind of security!!! Sad to see what our community really has come to!!! Shame on the court system!