Foul Play Not Suspected In Shoemaker Case

Kosciusko County authorities do not believe foul play was a factor in the death of Aurora Shoemaker.

In a statement today, Kosciusko County Coroner Michael Wilson said, “The autopsy conducted this week was inconclusive as to the matter of Aurora Shoemaker’s death. Her remains are being sent to the University of Indianapolis for further analysis.” He said it could be up to a month before any additional information is available. Evidence found at the scene suggests foul play was not involved in her death.

Skeletal remains were located Sunday in a wooded area along CR 175 East, just across from Suburban Acres Mobile Home Park in Warsaw. Shoemaker, 18, was last seen in that mobile home park on Aug. 16, 2012, when she went for a walk and never returned home.The remains were found by youth who were playing in the woods and were positively identified as Shoemaker’s on Monday night.



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Foul Play Not Suspected In Shoemaker Case — 17 Comments

    • Confused about what? Read the article. There was nothing found at the scene to suggest foul play. Plain and simple. At this point, they don’t know the cause of death and nothing at the scene was suspicious.

    • “Evidence at the scene suggests that foul play was not involved…” The wording may be intentional that they have specific evidence that excludes foul play.

    • The case was compromised early on by a so-called “confirmed” sighting of Aurora by the owner or operator of the local pawn shop. Because of this there was no concerted effort to search the area. It was treated by the KCSD as a runaway incident. I’m no anthropologist , but I would think that much evidence would be lost after the passage of a year when the remains are basically skeletal. The lesson that I take from this (and there are many) is that we should listen to the parents and take their word as truth when they say that their child DIDN’T run away. And be cautious , very cautious about making judgements about an 18 year old girl based on hearsay and her appearance.

  1. How could anything at the scene show that there was or wasn’t foul plat?? Her body was out in the elements for over a year so if there would have been evidence it has washed away!!! The Kos Co sheriff’s dept. is responsible for the lack of evidence found at the scene and the owe an apology to Aurora’s mother and family for not getting out there and searching the area like her poor mother begged them to do on more than one occasion.

  2. Foul play or not, something happened.. Aurora was found across from Suburban Mobile Home Park. Did she fall? No one knows.. But I think we should let the family greave and when something happens and they want to post it, let them decide.. No one can judge nor assume what happen to Aurora..

  3. I want to thank Stacy Page Online for the interest given to this case. However , all-in-all , I think we , as a community , failed Aurora.

  4. Some one saying they seen her or not the cops in this town still should have covered the area and looked for her she was out in those woods right where she was last seen for a flippin year and no one found her looked for her or even no other kids played in that spot till now…..??? I think this county once again messed up. They shoulda scanned the area

  5. Listen people, ” evidence found at the scene suggested no foul play.” what they probably found was a rope or belt tied to a tree or something. This poor lady likely committed suicide. I don’t care what she looked like or how she dressed, nobody should have to go out like that. My heart goes out to her and her family.

  6. “One of the kids that was in that group, a 14-year-old, he was the one that actually stumbled upon the body, he said he almost tripped over it,” said Ray Hill. “He said it looked like a child, it was mainly bones, some clothes that were tattered, a little bit of hair on the bones and said that he saw a belt hanging from the tree.”

  7. If the ABC57 report is accurate, then it’s pretty clear what happened. She went into the wooded area, and hung herself with her or someone’s belt and a tree limb. No one found the body, and (again, if the ABC report is accurate) since a belt was seen hanging from the tree, eventually the body decomposed enough to fall to the ground. It gets discovered about a year later.

    When the cops say evidence found at the scene suggests foul play was not involved, they likely mean evidence, like the supposed belt, that points at suicide. It’s possible the skull was entirely detached from the rest of the body, if it didn’t fall down until the neck gave out; you can figure out the rest without going into unnecessarily gory detail.

    It’s possible someone else killed her by hanging and thus it was a murder, but it’s extremely unlikely that someone would use hanging to kill someone, and then leave the body and the murder weapon at a crime scene literally next door to where the victim lived.