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Small Claims

The following small claim has been awarded in Kosciusko Superior Court III, Judge Joe V. Sutton presiding:

  • Capital One Bank v. Nikki L. Brindle, Warsaw, $1,802.85
  • The Car Company v.
    Earl M. Duncan, Syracuse, $464.00
    Justin L. Sallee, Goshen, $494.00
  • Cecil G. Meade v. Matthew W. Trier, Claypool, $1692.00
  • Connie Gasaway v. Amber and Dave Hawthorne, Leesburg, $6,104.00
  • Eastlund Funeral Home v. Joanna Merriman, Syracuse, $5,352.50
  • Eastwood Apartments of Warsaw LLC v. Joshua Knapp, Warsaw, $1,604.00
  • First Source Financial v. Heather M. Harney, Milford, $3,190.27
  • Kaylan Mikel v. Justin Babendragger, Warsaw, $1,344.00
  • Kosciusko Community Hospital v.
    Elizabeth A. Batta, Warsaw, $2,544.75
    Rita Busz, Warsaw, $4,259.55
    Laura L. Cooper, Syracuse, $2,967.66
    Leslie J. Golden, Warsaw, $978.00
    Emory L. Greider, Warsaw, $2,104.42
    Sherry L. Hardesty, Claypool, $2,308.68
    Susan D. Lowe, Warsaw, $2,142.95
    Geneva Marshall, Warsaw, $1,408.31
    Jose Rodriguez, Warsaw, $2,231.07
    Sandra M. Rude, Warsaw, $2,896.74
    Sandra M. Sajek, Warsaw, $1,313.68
    Gary L. Sluss, Wabash, $1,729.96
    Chastity D. Smith, Warsaw, $1,158.28
  • Martin Financial Management Inc. v.
    Justin P. Mast and Ashley F. Powers Mast, Cromwell, $2,277.28
    John D. Yurkin, Winona Lake, $977.57
  • Money Matters v.
    John R. Boyd, North Manchester, $1,177.07
    Beth A. and Gerald W. Cox, Winona Lake, $1,233.94
    Devon Garman, Lehigh Acres, Fla., $408.00
    Ted A. Harrell, Warsaw, $509.00
    Timothy Hyde, Pierceton, $736.67
    Jennifer M. Metzger, North Manchester, $398.00
    Colleen L. Murphy, Pierceton, $465.00
    Paul D. Phillips, Fort Wayne, $574.00
    Kenneth R. Rogers, Warsaw, $507.00
    Keith J. Vuittonet, Warsaw, $865.34
  • Snow & Sauerteig LLP v.
    Carl E. Clevenger, Warsaw, $716.05
    Chassity L. Davis, Warsaw, $2,889.79
    Abraham Gonzalez, Warsaw, $5,949.99
    Arnold R. Shepherd, Warsaw, $957.65
    Jamie D. Smith, Warsaw, $3,672.16
    Justin V. Syndram, Mentone, $6,091.19
  • Sue Neibert v. Sherrie Stewart, Leesburg, $3,985.51
  • Willard Brandt v. Mindy Ditton, Warsaw, and James Harris, Warsaw, $4,819.73

Civil Collections

The following civil collections have been awarded in Kosciusko County Courts:

  • Communitywide Federal Credit Union v.
    Franklin Engle, Warsaw, $26,988.72
    Ryan D. Perkins, Claypool, $422.47
    Latisha Saldana, Warsaw, $8,796.66
  • Kosciusko Community Hospital v. Geneva Marshall, Warsaw, $1,408.31
  • Martin Financial Management Inc. v. Joseph W. Folock, Indiannapolis, $13,623.43
  • Midland Funding LLC v. Sonya Wroblewski, North Webster, $2,537.02
  • National Collegiate Student Loan v. Linda Musselman, Milford, $37,351.62
  • SAC Finance Inc. v.
    Dustin J. Miller, South Bend, $6,769.72
    Steven G. Strong, Milford, $9,283.70
    Moriah A. Young, Warsaw, $10,134.62
  • Teacher’s Credit Union v. Megan Xique, Warsaw, $10,968.13

Superior Court II

The following traffic infractions have been filed in Kosciusko Superior Court II, Judge James Jarrette presiding:

Expired Plates – Lesa K. Jefferson, North Webster, $128.50
Failure to Use Safety Belt ($25) – W. C. Townsend, Rochester; Jennifer G. Baumgartner, Warsaw; Keith A. Denlinger, Warsaw; John W. Goudy, Logansport; Jason L. Roush, Warsaw; Kevin S. Anthony, Wakarusa; Steven K. Beehler, Wakarusa; John T. Stevens, Warsaw; Steven M. Longenecker, Warsaw; Don M. Swartzentruber, Warsaw

No Valid Driver’s License ($128.50) – Antonio Martinez-Lozano, Warsaw; Luis A. Alonzo-Diaz, Warsaw; Oscar G. Martinez-Perfecto, Fort Wayne; Martin D. Rodriguez, Mentone
Operating a Motor Vehicle without Financial Responsibility – Oscar G. Martinez-Perfecto, Fort Wayne, $154.00
Speeding – Oscar G. Martinez-Perfecto, Fort Wayne, $128.50; Ryan M. Dolbee, Warsaw, $128.50; Juan Malagon, Warsaw, $128.50; Cindy L. Sands, Fort Wayne, $130.50; Nathan T. Sparks, Fremont, $145.50; Desiree M. Wolford, Claypool, $189.50; Sanjay Singh, New Albany, Ohio, $128.50

Marriage Licenses

The following couples have applied for marriage licenses in the office of Kosciusko County Clerk of the Court Ann Torpy:


William Gerald Brady, 44, Winona Lake, and Jennette Louis Justus, 36, Winona Lake

Cory L. Kindig, 29, Warsaw, and Klarisa G. Clark, 26, Warsaw

John Floyd Stevens Jr., 39, Pierceton, and Rachel A. Hartman, 29, Pierceton

Brian J. Williamson, 26, Warsaw, and Ashley Lynn Eberhart, 32, Warsaw

Terry J. Howard, 37, Milford, and Tabbitha S. Owens, 37, Milford

James Lynn Slabaugh, 22, Etna Green, and Martha Sue Yoder, 21, Nappanee

David Timothy Gunter, 28, Warsaw, and Shaylynn Nicole Marley, 29, Warsaw

Roberto Sanchez Martinez, 38, Warsaw, and Ma Cristina Brito Delgado, 40, Warsaw

Stephen K. Caudill, 22, Pierceton, and Crystal A. Hale, 28, Pierceton

Marc Alan Bontrager, 27, Shipshewana, and Lisa Jane Chupp, 24, Nappanee
Charles Edward Shepherd Jr., 20, Pierceton, and Morgan Marie Sleighter, 18, Warsaw

Justin Scott Lampkin, 20, Warsaw, and Tara Lynn Goble, 18, Columbia City
Eldon R. Gaither, 69, Warsaw, and Betty A. Voges, 62, Warsaw
Jonathan Lee Adkins, 27, Warsaw, and Natena J. Berry, 26, Warsaw

Noe Ybarra, 28, Warsaw, and Amber L. Hobbs, 24, Warsaw

Marriage Dissolutions

The following couples have filed for marriage dissolutions in the Kosciusko Superior and Circuit courts:

Hanes — Angie Hanes, Burket, and Jason Hanes, Warsaw. Married: May 23, 2006. Separated: July 1, 2013. There is one minor child.
Carson — Tina Carson, Milford, and Jeff C. Carson, Milford. Married: Nov. 14, 1992. Separated: Sept. 19, 2013. There are three minor children.
Bradley — Tara Bradley, Warsaw, and Brett Bradley, Mentone. Married: Oct. 24, 2008. Separated: Sept. 19, 2013. There is one minor child.
Havenga — Wesley Havenga, Warsaw, and Danielle Havenga, Milford. Married: July 1, 2010. Separated: Sept. 9, 2013. There is one minor child.
Valentine — Carisa Valentine, Syracuse, and Doyle R. Valentine Jr., Muncie. Married: May 15, 2004. Separated: Jan. 23, 2013. There are three minor children.
Miller — Chad E. Miller, Warsaw, and Brandi Miller, Warsaw. Married: Feb. 14, 1997. Separated: Sept. 5, 2013. There is one minor child.
Johnson — Carrie A. Johnson, Warsaw, and Brandon Johnson, Warsaw. Married: March 3, 2006. Separated: July 26, 2013. There are two minor children.
Baier — Darren H. Baier, Leesburg, and Bambi D. Baier, Leesburg. Married: Jan. 24, 1986. Separated: Sept., 2013. There are no minor children.
Sherman — Amanda R. Sherman, Warsaw, and Jeremy M. Sherman, Warsaw. Married: June 16, 2009. Separated: Jan. 1, 2013. There are no minor children.
Arvizu — Magalene Arvizu, Winona Lake, and Baltazar Arvizu, Winona Lake. Married: June 9, 2000. Separated: Sept. 27, 2013. There are no minor children.





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