Human Remains Found Near Suburban Acres

A Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department deputy guarded a wooded area near Suburban Acres Mobile Home Park Sunday evening and all night where it is believed human remains were found. (Photo by Stacey Page)

A Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department deputy guarded a wooded area near Suburban Acres Mobile Home Park Sunday evening and all night where it is believed human remains were found. (Photo by Stacey Page)

Late Sunday afternoon, police were called to a wooded area along CR 175 East, Warsaw, where severely decomposed human remains were allegedly found.

The woods where Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department deputies have been stationed all night, is just several yards north of Suburban Acres Mobile Home Park. The area is less than a mile from where Aurora Shoemaker, then 18, disappeared over a year ago.

Kosciusko County Coroner Michael Wilson would not comment on any findings, referring our questions to Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Chad Hill, who serves as the public information officer.

Sgt. Hill released the following statement this morning: “The Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department and the Kosciusko County Coroner’s Office are currently investigating the discovery of potential human skeletal remains located Sunday evening in a wooded area along CR 175 East, near the Suburban Acres Mobile Home Park north of Warsaw. No further information is available at this time.”

Shoemaker went for a walk outside her Suburban Acres home at approximately 5 p.m. the evening of Aug. 16, 2012. She has not been seen since.

A family member of Shoemaker’s told they were contacted by police Sunday to confirm the findings of a human skeleton in the woods at about 6:30 p.m. Sunday.

We will continue to follow this breaking news event.

  • Deirdre Brown Stavedahl

    How sad to think it is anyone at all yet it could be Aurora and then being so close all this time my friend and her family went through this same situation here in Kosciusko county with their daughter and sister what a tragedy

  • KareyandEddie Kindig

    so sad will be praying with for the families involved in this… :(

  • brsutton

    thoughts and prayers go out to the family of this person.. have so many mixed emotions hoping it isn’t Aurora but praying for her mom Lauretta that she may get some answers …

  • Bobbie Jo Perkins

    How could you post that this could be Aurora Shoemaker when you don’t even know?She has younger siblings that you need to take into consideration.Your a journalists get the facts before you print something that effects our family.You dident print the name of the young lady who stepped in front of the train so please respect this family

    • Deb

      As a journalist Stacey is just pointing out the close proximity of the remains to Aurora’s home. This happens frequently in news reports. The article did not state that the remains are Aurora’s. My prayers go out to anyone involved in this situation.

    • Mindy Lightner

      Erm… read for comprehension. The location is close to where the young lady was at when she disappeared. No one is saying the remains are hers– merely stating fact, that the remains (which might be human) are in the same area from which the young lady disappeared last year. No journalistic boundaries were crossed.

      • Bobbie Jo Perkins

        All I’m saying is respect her family

        • SSCycleMan

          All I am saying is this in no way disrespects her family. Do you honestly think that since the remains were found so close to where she went missing that the family is not waiting with bated breath to the conclusion of the investigation?

    • Rose

      This feed is no place to argue. Just pray for Aurora’s family and respect Stacey’s job.

      • Sanders1978

        Last I checked, she wasn’t hired by Times Union or a South Bend news station. This is her own journalism. And at times reckless.

        • SSCycleMan

          Again, how so? Remains were found. There is a proximity correlation to the missing Shoemaker girl. That is what she reported. Those are facts. Perhaps you don’t understand that. And by the way, both of the media outlets you mention, along with dozens of others, get their news feed from this site when it pertains to this area.

          • Sanders1978

            no… they dont.. They get it directly from press releases from involved agencies.. No respectful news agency is going to use a third party as a source for breaking news. They might use her photographs and contributions, but it is not their first, primary, or sole source of information

          • Rhi

            Actually you hear it on Fox news all the time; the reporters referencing this site. So, yes…they do.

          • Sanders1978

            uh… no they dont.. prove it..

    • Sanders1978

      Stacey tries to have class, but very little does she show it..

      She is all about publicity of her page and endeavors.

      My deepest sympathy to your family.

      • SSCycleMan

        I don’t understand, what is classless about this article?

    • Lindy Bee Giordano

      Thank you!! I went to school with Lauretta and my heart just breaks for her.

    • SSCycleMan

      She didn’t write that it was Aurora. She wrote: “The area is less than a mile from where Aurora Shoemaker, then 18, disappeared over a year ago.” This is a fact.

  • Beth Young Smith

    they said several human remains like more than on person was found? poor family prayer for everyone

    • mzach

      No it says severely.

  • Samuel Young

    If the “Police” did their “Jobs” like they were supposed to and got the dogs out and a man hunt this body would have been discovered a long time ago. But due to aurora being from a lower class family there searching was very little if any at all just merely questioning people she may have been in contact with. It’s sad that someone walking through the woods can find these remains but our law enforcement That is supposed to “Serve And Protect” couldn’t.

    • Sanders1978

      shut up.. Kosciusko County isn’t CSI Miami…

      You don’t know what they did or didn’t do.

    • Samford Washington

      An18 yr old, with no signs of foul play. There was no reason for a search. To say the police didn’t do there job because the family is poor. That’s just ignorant.

      • guest

        so if your 18 year old went missing you wouldnt search? THATS ignorant.

    • jimw

      they’re overwhelmed!!

      • Roxanne Sheldon Coffelt

        Why are they overwelmed? How many other murders and/or missing persons cases are they working on?

        • jimw

          They’re overwhelmed with the amount of crime from theft, meth and illegals there. My home there was robbed in Oct 2010 and the people that did it was obvious to everyone and there was even an eyewitness to the truck in my drive, but they were so “overwhelmed” by all the other crime there, they weren’t even able to devote enough time to solve completely solvable crime. If I remember correctly, when this young lady disappeared, the article in the paper almost made it sound as if she were a runaway. Last thing Warsaw police dept. has time for is to spend man hours on a runaway.
          Thoughts and prayers to this family!

  • Shelly

    what I want to know is why they haven’t found this sooner. When that girl went missing the police said they searched that area and found noting but now all of a sudden they find something a year later. well if the police searched the area all ready don’t you think finding a whole body is easier than just a skeleton.

    • Wasabi

      what if the body was dumped after the search? Our officers must be given the benefit of the dout. Until you have walked in their shoes give them respect. Criminals are inocent until proven guilty.(and still walk free)
      Let’s pray for answers answers for this hurting family.

  • Samuel Young

    I’m not saying it is Aurora but when she came up missing and they supposedly searched the area you think they would have found these remains right?

    • Bobbie Jo Perkins

      We had to get the owners of the propertys consent to search and it was not given for that property.

      • Tara Hively-Saldana

        Why would someone say no to something like that? Just sounds suspicious now.

        • Tim

          If you own property, you can say no to people who want to search it, unless there is a search warrant. I am sure there are plenty of anti-government tea baggers that could explain at more windy length. That said, if it was my property, I would have given permission.

    • Wasabi

      Wow Sam
      Her family searched the area too……
      U badmouthing them?

      • Guest

        Not bad mouthing anyone

  • Elmer Fudd

    Then that fact will be reported on as such, just like the other facts that Stacey has already reported.

  • Sanders1978

    Exactly, posting speculation without word from Law Enforcement or any facts.


    Please show class. There is typically a reason why Law Enforcement is not releasing information at press time. All family has not been notified and they are using discretion. Please do the same.

  • Samford Washington

    I made a choice to go on SPO. I made a choice to follow her on FB. I get that the family is upset, still nobody makes you read the news. When you get breaking real time news sometimes its not all Rainbows and Unicorn I stand behind Stacey Page.

    • Sanders1978

      Ill be interested to see if you feel the same way when you read of your close loved one being killed before you are properly notified…

  • jimw

    left Warsaw for far northern Michigan a year ago and don’t regret it. I grew up in Warsaw and can remember it when it was a charming, quiet small town. Never dreamed murders, shootings, and rampant drug problems would be the norm there. Sad to see such a beautiful city fall to the trash!

  • Lindy Bee Giordano

    People…please respect Lauretta and her family. Nothing needs to be said here unless its a prayer…offer support not your opinions. She was a classmate of mine. Thank you!

  • SSCycleMan

    But what if they do?

  • JrS

    If the KCSD would have allowed a search team instead of insisting that
    Aurora had,”run off” it is quite likely that this body would have been found a year ago and there would be more forensic evidence available to
    the coroner and his team. Even if this doesn’t turn out to be Aurora
    this would still be true.

  • Wasabi

    Stacey can only peresent the facts. She cannot guard who reads the fac r s. Get the comouters out of kids hands unless they can handle adult infor.

  • guest

    i dont know aurora but i have said since she disappeared there is no way a 19-20 year old young woman leaves willing without a single posession. no way. i said from the start something very bad happened to her and since she came from a trailer park and had piercings and colored hair the police wrote her off. i bet if one of her parents was some big wig at biomet or zimmer there would have been dogs, foot searches, and helicopters looking for her. normally i have the utmost respect for men and women in uniform, but warsaw is a corrupt little town. if u dont live on a lake or have a trust fund you dont matter. my heart breaks for her family and i hope every officer involved takes a step back and thinks about a young woman with her whole life ahead of her that deserved more care and attention than her case was given.

    • Jeff…

      So, you don’t think that those people deserve more??

  • Lindy Bee Giordano

    Please pray for Lauretta and her family at this time hold them in your thought and prayers.

  • Amy Angiano

    i’ve been following this story for so long thoughts and prayers for the family, hoping its not but everything fits. same area and everything.