The Greatest Touchdown Ever Made

Although it was hot enough for most area schools to cancel outdoor sporting events Tuesday afternoon, goosebumps were plentiful at Lakeview Middle School’s football field where a special young man was granted his wish to run a touchdown.

Jacob Brock, 13, suffers from multiple disabilities including cerebral palsy, autism, a mild mental disability and facial dysplasia. His life skills teacher, Tiffany Alberts, known as Mrs. A., says, “Jacob is a silly, funny, exciting little boy. He’s very independent. Even if he can’t do it, he’s going to try to do it.”

Jacob and Mrs. AAmong the things Jacob loves is sports, especially football. However, his disabilities prevent him from taking part in any competitive athletics. “He can hit a ball, kick a ball, run with ball. Anything sports related he loves,” adds Alberts, who came up with the idea to have Jacob be a part of the special Pink Out football game between Lakeview and Edgewood middle schools.

“Jacob isn’t going to get the opportunity to run in a normal football game like a lot of typical kids can. I just thought it would be something he would really enjoy and remember. I just wanted him to have a shot.”

Jacob’s parents, Jeremy and Charity Brock, fully credit Mrs. A for arranging the special moment. “She’s just awesome! She knows he loves to play sport,” Charity says of her son’s teacher. “At home all the time he carries a ball around, throws it, kicks it. He doesn’t care if he has anyone to play with him. Throws it, goes and gets it, does it again. He just loves to play.”

JacobJacob had surgery last year on his legs to prolong his ability to walk and run, but Charity says the fix is only temporary. “It helped to improve his childhood a little so he could play better, run better … but (the doctor) said that’s not permanent. It will last maybe 10 years.”

With the blessing of the Warsaw Community Schools administration and coaches for both middle school football teams, Jacob took the field on the 30-yard line with his beloved Lakeview Middle School Tigers and their opponents. Both teams followed through with a play, handing the ball to Jacob who, with his teammates “blocking” for him, ran for a touchdown.

There was not a smile bigger in the entire crowd, than the one on Jacob’s face.

I, personally, want to thank Lakeview Middle School for contacting me to be a part of this amazing event. It is proof that great things happen in Warsaw everyday, we only need to open our eyes to see them. Warsaw Tigers of Lakeview and Edgewood schools, you are all heroes to one special young man.



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The Greatest Touchdown Ever Made — 6 Comments

  1. Wow. I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face. Our family has been very blessed to become members of the Warsaw community. This summer, we moved to Warsaw from Noblesville. Our Jacob, too, has Cerebral Palsy. We sent him to a private, Christian school for his first few years of school, then he was homeschooled, and then he attended two years in public school in our previous area. Those two years were rough. He was frequently bullied. It wasn’t just the boys, but the girls were just as harsh. He has been kicked, knocked down, had his locker invaded, been called a retard, etc… So, with a move to a new town this year, we braced ourselves for a rough adjustment.

    We soon discovered, however, that there was no need for bracing ourselves. Warsaw has been friendly and welcoming to our entire family. Our Jacob, specifically, has felt nothing but welcome, from the first time he entered Edgewood Middle School. He has not been harassed. He has not been bullied. He has not been picked on. He has been accepted. The staff is exceptional! From Mrs. Smyth, who personally helped set my children’s schedules and who intuitively observes them to make sure they’re fitting in, to the librarian who knew them by name within the first week of school, the bus driver, the students, the teachers, the coaches. All wonderful!

    Jacob expressed an interest in managing the 7th grade football team. The response: He was not just tolerated, he was welcomed with open minds and hearts. The first night of practice, he was told, “You’re one of us, now!” “We’ve got your back!” He feels valued. He feels important. He now has an avenue to show the world all that he has to offer. Coach Cook is creating a wonderful environment for these boys, and leading them through example.

    In Noblesville, our family had been very involved in the swim club, having two active swimmers. We spent hours and hours at the pool. Our Jacob had taken MANY swim lessons, but had never participated on the team. He was able to swim the length of the pool multiple times. We approached the head coach of the team. He said that he would like to meet with Jacob, see what his abilities were, discuss Jacob’s goals, and go from there. We met. Jacob swam, then we convened in the coach’s office. Coach says, “Well, he’s not going to be the FASTEST guy on the team”. Wow. I couldn’t believe that those were the first words out of his mouth. Did he even realize the amount of time and energy it had taken for Jacob to learn his strokes? Did he really think that Jacob or myself weren’t aware of the fact that he wasn’t the fastest? Did he really think that being the FASTEST was the only thing that a member could offer?

    We moved to Warsaw, expecting to experience more of the same. We have been so pleasantly surprised. Thank you, Lakeview and Edgewood for fostering a healthy environment for our future leaders.

    • Having been born and raised in Warsaw, I am so happy to hear that you have had such a welcoming experience. Just when we think society is beyond hope, we see stories like these that touch so many hearts. Thank you for sharing your Jacob as well.

  2. This is what sports should be all about. This video also brought me to tears.
    It’s amazing what great things can happen when people pulled together as a team. God bless this boys parents and everyone involved in making this dream a reality.

  3. This family so deserves this! They are such great people! Jacob is an awesome kid, cannot say that enough! The LVMS football coaching staff are an amazing group of guys who def. put the kids before anything! Hope to see them here for years to come! They follow the Son, Student, athlete program to a T! Keep up the good work guys and Go Tigers!