Children Removed, Three Arrested For Meth

Kip Dewayne Allen

Kip Dewayne Allen

Andrea Lyn Long

Andrea Lyn Long

Two children are in protective custody today after being removed from a home where methamphetamine was being manufactured. Police were tipped off to the matter Sunday night and also took three adults into custody.

Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department deputies, along with officers from the Winona Lake Police Department, responded to 2584 E. Sandy Dr., Warsaw, at 5:01 p.m. last night after receiving an anonymous tip that children were in the home where the drug was being manufactured. As officers approached the residence they noticed an “extremely strong odor” associated with the production of methamphetamine and entered the home. Inside, they immediately located items associated with meth.

Arrested were the home’s residents: Kip Dewayne Allen, 45, and Andrea Lyn Long, 36. Also arrested was Kaleb Hobbs, 21, Claypool.

Kaleb Hobbs

Kaleb Hobbs

Officers removed two children, ages 5 years and 10 years old. Multi-Township EMS was called to the scene to evaluate their children’s conditions and the Department of Child Services was called to take the children into protective custody.

Allen and Long were both arrested by the Kosciusko County Drug Task Force and preliminarily charged with manufacturing methamphetamine over 3 grams, possession of methamphetamine and paraphernalia, possession of precursors for methamphetamine with intent to manufacture, maintaining a common nuisance for legend drugs, and neglect of a dependent where dealing or production of a controlled substance occurred. Their bonds were set at $10,000 each.

Hobbs was arrested and preliminarily charged with possession of methamphetamine and paraphernalia, manufacturing methamphetamine over 3 grams, possession of precursors for methamphetamine with intent to manufacture, visiting a commons nuisance. Hobbs also had an active probation violation warrant issued from Kosciusko County. His bond was set at $15,000.

All three adults are still currently being held in the Kosciusko County Jail.

The Kosciusko County Drug Task Force was also assisted with the investigation by the Kosciusko County Prosecutor’s Office.

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Children Removed, Three Arrested For Meth — 3 Comments

  1. Yes it is sad ! Sad that no one said anything earlier and got the kids out of their sooner, they just didn’t start making it Sunday !

  2. First…thank you to the person who reported this and got those children out of danger….WTH is going on in this county with this Meth crap…..If people really want to ruin themselves and kill themselves in the long run, so be in…but get those children out first…I am sure you have family members who would take the kids and take care of them..If not, I would take any kids that you have and give them a chance..I really wish we could just ship these bums to an island then let all who want to use this crap go there and live the rest of their lives by doing this stuff until they are all dead, because that is what they are headed for. But, first, give the children to someone who will love them and give them a good home away from this crap…at least have some compassion for these kids and give them a chance.