Unusal Folk Coming To Winona Lake

Pearl and the BeardAccording to the band’s website, Pearl and the Beard is three voices, one cello, one guitar, one glockenspiel, one melodica, several drums, one accordion, 96 teeth and one soul.

Literally, Pearl and the Beard is Jocelyn Mackenzie, Emily Hope Price and Jeremy Styles. Together they play a unique kind of folk music, which they’ll be performing at Ceruleans in Winona Lake on Sept. 6.

“We met at different open mics in lower New York about five years ago,” says Mackenzie, who sings and handles percussive duties. “We all have very different tastes.”

The members’ varied influences make for a very interesting musical product. Pearl and the Beard blend folk with shades of jazz, RnB and rock. Songs are very dynamic, often starting with a haunting whisper and building into a symphony of vocals, cello, guitar and drums.

“Each song is different,” says Mackenzie. “And each song is born in a different way.” She says the process is growing more and more collaborative. “We’re falling into a style we all like as a group,” she says.

The group’s unique sound caught the attention of label mate, Ani DiFranco. Price, the group’s cellist, says she’s been very supportive of the group. “She took a chance on us,” says Price of DiFranco.

Pearl and the Beard have opened for DiFranco several times and have a few dates scheduled with her next month, including a stop at the legendary Orange Peel in North Carolina. Before they head south with DiFranco, Pearl and the Beard have two stops here in Indiana.

“Anybody who shows up will hear some new stuff,” says Price. The band is finishing up the writing process for their third studio LP. “We’re probably going into the studio in September or October,” she says.

The band is scheduled to play Cerulean Garden in Winona Lake on Sept. 6. The show starts at 7:30 p.m. and costs $10. Visit pearlandthebeard.com for more information.



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