Millersburg Boy Killed By Train

Funeral arrangements have been set for a Millersburg teen killed by a train early this morning.

Matthew Simmons, 17, was walking along the train tracks near Jefferson and Lincoln streets at 12:34 a.m. in Millersburg when he was struck. There is no crossing in that area.

Simmons was a senior at Fairfield High School a member of the wrestling team.

Simmons obituary appears HERE.

  • Lisa R

    I would wager he was listening to music with ear phones. Very unfortunate.

    • Wasabi

      Or drunk

  • Wawasea

    He had to hear the train. The question is what else here was involved here? Odd time for just taking a walk.

  • Guest

    He commited suicide by train.

  • Guest

    According to several people in the community.

  • Wasabi

    This is sooo tragic. So much so. Makes me think of Kalee Skaggs again. My heart goes out to the families.