Syracuse Hears Industrial Park Update

Ken Jones of Jones Petrie Rafinski made a monthly report on the industrial/technology park to the Syracuse Town Council Tuesday night. Jones reviewed the change orders for both contracts and requested the town approve a change order for $12,700 by Cripe Excavation. The council approved the change.

Jones told the council when the budget was being prepared for bid, a cul de sac was pulled out of the project and then put back into the plans. However, the $60,000 cost was not figured back into the bid, so the bid went out without considering approximately 1,800 square feet. So there is a change order for $60,000.

Jones said the contract with Cripe Excavating came in under budget at $977,808.50. Jones reviewed the change orders for H+G Underground Utility. The contract with H+G Underground Utility is still under budget at $1,786,159.60.

Jones suggested using remaining money for landscaping but it would have to be approved by the Economic Development Administration. Jones will get quotes while Syracuse Town Manager Henry DeJulia will look into solar panels for signage at the park.

Jones also reviewed the culvert at Long Drive, he recommended the council approve a bid from Kline Excavating for $6,587 which would cover the replacement of the culvert and regrade both ditches.
Tim Campbell came before the council asking to connect to the town’s sewer. The request was approved, as long as there is an agreement between Campbell and the town for Campbell’s property to be annexed into the town.

Discussion turned to an appeal by Ryan Stuckman regarding a bill he received from the town for weed removal on his property. Stuckman was not present at the meeting to make his case. After some discussion, the council voted in favor of allowing the bill to stand and instructed Police Chief Tony Ciriello to issue a work order to clean up the property again and bill Stuckman for that work. The Syracuse Public Works will clean up the property.

Attorney Steve Snyder came before the board regarding Treco Right of Way request. Snyder presented a drainage plan which would direct water from the Pack Rat Self Storage which is located by the post office. The plan would have two catch basins and one detention basin installed along with a 12-inch drain pipe. The system would pull stormwater away from the north and south properties as well as the alleyway. After some discussion regarding a private drainage system on public property, the board approved the plan.

In the department reports, DeJulia told the council NIPSCO should be done in the industrial/technology park next week. Cripe Excavating should be done with in the next two to three weeks and he is looking into signage using solar panels.

DeJulia also suggested some type of resolution regarding Amish buggy parking. He also reported the Harkless Bridge project should go to bid next month. There is also a public hearing on a bridge at CR 29 and U.S. 6 next week.

Syracuse Police Chief Tony Ciriello reported since March 197.7 pounds of expired medications have been dropped in the drop box by the police station for proper disposal.

Chad Jonnson, park superintendent, reported park activities had slowed down in August with just the Triathlon taking place. The Farmer’s and Artisans market continues on Saturdays.

For a more in-depth account of the Syracuse Town Council meeting, see today’s issue of The Mail-Journal.



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