Air Show Delights And Dazzles Many

(Photo provided by Warsaw Municipal Airport)

(Photo provided by Warsaw Municipal Airport)

Clear skies and cool temperatures were not the only things drawing residents of Kosciusko County outside today. After several years without an air show in Warsaw, Warsaw Municipal Airport hosted the Air Show of Warsaw and EAA Fly-In today from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Huge crowds of people flooded into the airport to feast upon the sights, sounds and tastes the air show offered. The show, which was entirely free to visitors, featured several events including airplane rides, a fly-in, food, a bounce house, remote control aircraft demonstration and a flight simulator. The show also featured the launching of four hot air balloons early in the morning and a guest appearance by Johanna Long, nationwide series driver. Food vendors included Rudy’s Dog Park, which raised money for the county’s only dog park located at the corner of CR 100 E. and 300 N., Warsaw.

Lutheran Air Ambulance offered air show guests the opportunity to tour the ambulance.  (Photo by Alyssa Richardson)

Lutheran Air Ambulance offered air show guests the opportunity to tour their air ambulance.
(Photo by Alyssa Richardson)

In addition, the air show offered aviation lovers the opportunity to gaze upon several different types of airplanes that ranged from small, personal planes to crop dusters, air force airplanes and even some experimental planes. Tours were offered of planes as well as of Lutheran Air Ambulance, which made a special appearance at the air show to meet and great with the members of the community.

The event’s main attraction, the air show, took place from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. and featured a variety of planes and choreography. The air show began with the singing of the national anthem while a parachuter flew down from a plane above the airport with the American flag streaming behind him.

After the landing of the parachuter, several planes performed different routines as the crowd watched from below. Aviators included Alan Hoover, Mike Wild, Bob Richards, Ralph Lutes, Greg Aldridge and Patrick McAlee.

The event was sponsored by the Dr. Dane and Mary Louise Miller Foundation Inc., Biomet, DePuy Sythes, City Aviation & World Fuel and Visit the Air Show of Warsaw and EAA Fly-In Facebook page for more information.




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