Redevelopment Works With Town On Improvements

During Monday night’s Milford Town Council meeting, the question of whether or not the town can use funds allocated to the Redevelopment Commission to fix infrastructure was posed. Town attorney Jay Ridgon said only for the purposes on infrastructure inside tax increment financing districts can the town use those funds.

Both the Brock Lift Station and the Barth Lift Station need work. During Monday’s town council meeting and yesterday’s meeting of the Redevelopment Commission, it was decided that work on the Barth Lift Station would be funded by the town, however, the Brock Lift Station will be funded by the Redevelopment Commission. Both stations will receive the same new tornado pump systems from Gasvoda and Associates.

The town is also looking into other repair work in the TIF district. Repaving the streets of Milford has been quoted at $47,000 by Phend and Brown, Milford. Approximately $1,400 of the cost of repairs will be in the northern TIF district. While the town is willing to pay for the repaving, it has asked that the Redevelopment Commission reimburse the cost of repaving in the TIF district along Milford-Syracuse Road.

Streets to be repaved include the alley behind Milford Town Hall, a surface patch in the parking area at Town Hall, the alley between West Street and Henry Street from Fifth Street to Syracuse Street, the alley between SR 15 and West Street from Syracuse Street to Catherine Street, Shaffer Street from Catherine Street  700 feet north, the town parking lot, the westbound lane of CR 1300 North at the intersection of Old SR 15 and any milling and patchwork as needed.

With water meters around town going digital, the Redevelopment Commission has decided to make repairs needed to large meters in the northern TIF district. The area includes the larger meters of Chore-Time Brock, Pig Tech and four other large diameter meters in the TIF. Previously, the companies owed their own meters and were also in charge of repairs to the meters. The Redevelopment Commission will replace meters at its own expense so they are captured in the TIF’s revenue.

The Milford Redevelopment Commission has approved a proposal for the extension of the life of the northern tax increment financing district in Milford. The TIF is located in the northern part of Milford, beginning at the north side of Syracuse Street and continues north to CR 1300 North. The west side of the TIF stops just after Chore-Time Brock and does not take in the residential area. On the east side it continues to the town limits. It is near the newest TIF district, which was created in December. The area in question covers just over 200 acres.

Next, the proposal will go to the Area Planning Commission for approval. If the APC approves, it will move on to Milford Town Council for a public hearing, and then back to the Redevelopment Commission for final approval. If approved, the proposal will add 10 more years onto the life of the TIF district. It would expire in February 2026. The current expiration date is set for February 2016.

Chore-Time Brock has also agreed to ask for a voluntary annexation of 12 acres of their land east of town. The property is the same area that was excluded from the original TIF district.

The next meeting of the Milford Redevelopment Commission is scheduled for 10 a.m. Sept. 9.



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