Flying Club Features Trusty The Flight Trainer

With the Aug. 9 release of Disney’s new movie, Planes, Warsaw Flying Club is transforming their Cessna 152 into a character that didn’t appear in the movie, but bridges the gap between dream and reality. Pixar did such a great job with making their character aircraft so real to life that all it takes is a little vinyl and the Warsaw Flying Club aircraft becomes Trusty the Flight Trainer, one of Dusty the Crop Duster’s friends!

Warsaw Flying Club is partnering with North Pointe Cinemas to promote the movie Planes, North Pointe, general aviation and the Warsaw Flying Club with local character, Trusty. Trusty is a Cessna 152 and has been part of the Warsaw Flying Club for almost 10 years, helping hundreds of club members achieve their aviation dreams.

Meet Trusty in person at North Pointe Cinemas on Aug. 9-11 for the opening of Planes. Trusty will be taxied to the theater, in the early morning hours on Friday and will be there to greet aviation enthusiasts and movie goers all weekend. Get your picture taken with Trusty, check out his T-shirts, or sign up for an Intro Flight or Discovery Flight with Trusty this weekend or at the Warsaw Air Show on Aug. 17.

For more information on Trusty the Flight Trainer or the Warsaw Flying Club, visit or check out the Warsaw Flying Club on Facebook.

The Warsaw Flying Club was established in 2004 with the goal of bringing general aviation to the people of Kosciusko County. For more information on this story or the Warsaw Flying Club, contact Katye Fussle by phone at 574-606-5050 or by email at [email protected].



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