Treco Receives OK For Storage Warehouse

Treco LLC’s petition for an exception for a storage warehouse in a residential district was approved by the Syracuse Board of Zoning Appeals Thursday. The property is located at 1013 N. Harrison St.

Treco wants to build a 23-unit storage facility. The petition was first heard back in February and approved, however, the company originally wanted to build a six-unit storage facility for boats and RVs. Other plans for the property have since been significantly changed, said the petitioner’s attorney, Steve Snyder. The board voted to hear the petition again since there were significant changes.

Treco now has a new site plan, a new structure has been proposed and a drainage plan was also submitted. Snyder said there will be smaller units and those will not be used for boats or RVs. The entrance has changed, too.

A drainage plan has been proposed. “We are hoping to solve the water problems,” said Snyder. Water runs off into a neighborhood near the proposed site, a problem remonstrators said they are concerned about. Syracuse Town Manager Henry DeJulia also expressed in a letter that he, too, wants the water problem addressed and fixed.

With the proposed drainage plan, all of the water will go into a retention basin, Snyder said. “Hopefully, it will solve some of the town’s (water) problems.”

Snyder said there will be less traffic going in and out of the property. Fire protection will be added and is adequate and no electrical disturbance or noise will disrupt nearby neighbors nor will repairs be allowed on the site. “It will be landscaped, too,” said Snyder.

Board member Larry Coplen expressed concern with parking. Snyder noted parking needs will be at a minimum since most people will park, pick-up their belongings, and drive out. He said there will be enough room for cars to pull in and back out. A different entrance has been proposed for safety reasons.

Remonstrators expressed concern with lighting, traffic issues, water and hours of operation. Snyder said traffic won’t be a problem, the water issues will be resolved and lighting will be minimal.

After hearing from two remonstrators, Steve Jones and Luke Tuttle, who live near the property, the exception was approved.

The board also approved the construction of a residential addition 11.5 feet off a rear platted alley way. The property is located at 1007 S. Hansing St.

The next meeting will be at 6 p.m. Aug. 15, at Syracuse Town Hall.



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